Deal Check - 2020 Cadillac Escalade ESV 2WD Base ( DEMO UNIT ) $742/mo

2020 Cadillac Escalade ESV demo (Previous service loaner )
4920 miles

MSRP: $80,115
Selling Price: $75709 ( 5.5% off )
MF: .00012
RV: 56%
Term : 24 / 12k
Incentives: Cadillac Loyalty, First Responder, Dealer Bonus : $14,000
DAS: $2758
Monthly: $742 / pre tax
Lease Hacker Score 8.4 yrs

Calculator link:

Shoot for a pre rebate selling price of 8-10% off.

There’s still some meat left on that bone.

Just beware you will have close to 19k miles to driver over 24 months, not the 24000 miles you are signing up for. (Unless dealer is purchasing the demo miles out for you, which I highly doubt)

I’d shoot for even higher.

With the loss of miles this is probably more expensive than a new one with zero discount on a $/mi basis.

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Thanks. But mileage limit will be in addition to what’s already in the vehicle.

Is that what the dealer is telling you ? Search the forum on GM financial demo / loaner mileage.

They’re wrong, unless they’re buying out the miles. That’s the policy unless it recently changed.