Deal check- 2020 BMW X5 DEMO


I’m thinking to purchase the BMW X5, and I received a couple of quotation from BMW dealer and then I pick the best offer I think. But I’m not sure whether I accept this number or not. So, please give me you guys wisdom.

Thank you

2020 BMW X5 (Demo) _ 3,024miles

Included Packages & Options
-Executive Package
-Driving Assistance Professional Package

Retail Value : $75,770
Market-Based Price : $68,995
Market Value selling Price : $66,995
Rebate : $4,000

Adjusted Price : $62,995
Doc fee : $300
ERT fee : $25
License Fee : $151
Title fee : $1,500
Tax : $6,227

Total : $69,848

Payment and due at signing? Have you run the calculator?

I’m thinking to purchase.
Thank you

This is a lease forum.

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Find some of the discussion on here around bmw’s inflated residuals before you make that decision. I’m guessing the lease numbers would be pretty good with the sales price you listed (assuming you get base MF).

OP is looking to purchase, not lease

I know I’m just telling OP to rethink that decision.

For a demo, you’re getting 11.6% off for the selling price. Other than your selling price, you may not get more input for a purchase here on LH. You should shoot for a little more discount (pre-incentive selling price). Good luck!

Don’t buy things that depreciate like rocks.

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Sorry OP but its kinda dumb to purchase a Bimmer. When you eventually goto sale the car, the trade-in or sale value will be really low compared to MSRP and you’l be a sore loser.
Its better to lease because, BMW artificially inflates their residuals on leases, making the lease more attractive.
For example, a 3-year old real-life value of the car maybe 45% of MSRP. However, on a lease, BMW will set it as 55% making the lease much more value proposition, compared to purchase

There are two types of suckers in this world. People who can’t afford to buy bmws so they lease them and people who can afford to buy them and actually buy them.

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