Deal Check - 2020 BMW X3 M ($719 / mo. + MSDs, 36/10k)


Hi all,

Checking to make sure the deal I have on the table for a fully loaded X3 M (not comp) is solid after a few rounds of back and forth with a dealer in the tri-state area. Goes without saying I absolutely love the car, why else would I be willing to pay the front-loaded massive depreciation on what’s basically a racing SUV that doesn’t really need to exist!

MSRP: $80,485
Selling Price: $72,034 (10.5% discount)
Additional Incentives: $4,250
MF: .00128
RV: 58%
Acq Fee: $925 (paying upfront)
Due at signing: $1,619 (first month + fees) + MSDs + taxes
Monthly Payment (taxes levied upfront): $719

Calculator link:

Car is brand new (9 miles). I’ve seen some better upfront discounts on this site, but those were mainly in December and I’m aware it’ll be tough to beat those deals. I have no sense of how well these are selling nationally and if the discounts are expected to improve.

One other thing totally separate from the base deal - the car comes with a spare in the trunk even though it has run flats, which raises the trunk bed a few inches above the bottom latch. Visually unattractive and frankly unnecessary. You can build the car with a mobility kit instead of the spare that lowers the trunk bed back down to the floor of the bay for free (it’s user choice basically), so I’m considering asking them to swap out the trunk bed / spare with one from a standard mobility kit vehicle as part of the deal. Am I crazy for trying this?

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Is it just the comps that run Michelins? Ditch the rfts for better rubber, then you’ll have a use for the spare. You’ll likely go through those RFTs quick and they cost a lot.

Pretty sure MF is .00142

You should be able to get conquest as well for another $750… Also check if you qualify for corporate discount which will bring you to $5750 (it’s $1500, but not stackable with conquest).

Really? It comes with run flats? That’s weird… Standard build comes with performance non runflats. Is that something dealer did?

Swapping out the trunk bed itself seems weird- i seriously doubt they would do that.

Edit: I also think you can do better on the discount. Closer to 12%, These things are not moving off the lot (see CarGurus). Maybe hold off another week or so and see if they will discount heavier around month’s end?

Understood, thanks! And I’m going to double check on the run flats now that you mention it, I was previously looking at a M40i and may have mixed up which tires are standard on the models. Thanks for pointing that out.

I’m going to tell the dealer I’m still on the fence and see if I can get closer to 12% on the upfront discount. I’d hit the bid on that immediately.

And the extra $750 for conquest!

You should be able to get closer to $675/mo

It was pointed out to me that the M40i comes w RFT but the M and M competition models do not

Cheers to that - thanks!

Can u get all season tires or just summer?

just summer.

What incentives are there right now besides conquest/loyalty/cca?


Never mind. Saw there is a lease cash $3750 incentive. Thanks.