Deal Check: 2020 BMW 330i X-Drive (NNJ)

I’m trying to help a friend out. She got taken her last time out from this BMW dealership and was paying well over $800 for a 2017 5-Series hybrid. Long story short, the car gave her all sorts of electrical issues and the same dealership is taking the car back 7 months earlier and will eat her remaining balance if she leases a new vehicle though them.

We got priced for a 2021 330i X-Drive with an MSRP of $47920.

Dealers initial offer was:
$502/month w/ $2337 DAS

We countered with:
$465/month w/ only first month’s DAS

Today, my friend settled on this deal. Thought?
$499/month w only first month’s DAS

MSRP: 47920
Dealer Incentives: $1400 dealer contribution, $750 lease credit, $1000 loyalty credit
RV: 58%
MF .00100
All other figures can be found below:

I feel you can get a bit more off. I’d push 10%

I’d have to agree she needs to be closer to 10% off preincentives. And, please don’t believe, “will eat her remaining balance if she leases a new vehicle though them”. That’s code for they’re burying the payments in the deal. No free lunch from a dealer…buyer beware.

Sounds like the deal is already signed?

Oof. I missed that. Seems she was taken for a ride yet again. I’d post on here before signing anything in the future.

Sorry, that is incorrect. She hasn’t signed anything yet.

That’s good! And, might want to reconsider capitalizing the upfront cost. Doesn’t make sense to pay interest on them. Unless she’s considering trying to swap out in the future. But, frankly, the deal doesn’t present itself as a strong swap option.

Lol thats funny. You’re gonna end up paying for it, or BMW itself will.