Deal Check: 2020 BMW 330i socal

Hi Hackers,

Can you guys give me some comments on the deal I’ve received?

MSRP: 43295
Selling before incentives: 38500
MF: 0.00118
Residual: 60%

Thank you!

Looks reasonable

Seems decent. Is it a RWD or xDrive?

A $43k msrp seems pretty low, you could explore loaners and get more for the same price, if that’s something you are comfortable with.

RWD. Very thin options. The thing about Loaner is I get less rebates and I would have to pay an extra registration fee. And the discount on loaners seems pretty low in this area (Southern California). They are acting like they’ve sold over a 1000000 cars this month.

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Sounds like you’ve done your research. What rebates wouldn’t you get with the loaner? Your calculator showed $2750 I was assuming $2k loyalty and $750 lease credit? You should be able to get that on a loaner also.

I am using a Corporate Fleet Program. It’s 2K for the new vehicles and 1K for the loaners. Not sure if it is true but every dealership I’ve spoke with came back with the same answer.

Interesting, I was under the impression the amount changed monthly but that it was the same for new / loaner. Good to know and happy hunting!

I did not know about that. Thank you.
Also, I think your offer is very reasonable.

11-12% Pre-incentive discount in SoCal CHECK 11.1%
Buy rate MF CHECK
No cap buy down CHECK

Enjoy. Well done - especially in a tight inventory environment.