Deal Check: 2020 Audi sQ5 Prem+

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Hello all, in Northern Jersey was offered a deal on a 2020 Audi sQ5 Prem+

MSRP: 61,740
36 months / 7500 miles
offered a $709 all in price per month with $1080 due at signing (first month + DMV fees)


These were the initial numbers given to me pre-negotiation:

MSRP: 61,740
Selling Price: 58,490
Residual: 36,426.60
Money Factor: .00061

Amount Due At Signing: 4,664.66 - sum of :
Down Paymant: 0
First Month’s Payment: 699.16
Acquisition Fee: 895
Dealer Doc Fee: 598
License Fee: 371
NJ Luxury Tax: 242.96
NJ Tire Tax: 7.50
NJ Sales Tax upfront: 1,851.04

Step 1: go to Edmunds and ask for the current MF and incentives for your zip code
Step 2: get more details from the dealer re: the $709 offer, what is the selling price, any incentives they’re including, etc.
Step 3: plug the deal into the calculator, compare the MF & incentives to the info you gathered from Edmunds

Without knowing all the details its hard to give much meaningful advice.

That said, on a soon to be slightly outdated bodystyle I wouldn’t sign for anything less than 10% pre-incentive discount at base MF. This has been the standard Costco discount for the past few months, FYI.

Check the Marketplace section

Here’s what I was quoted back in August.

Dealer 1:
MSRP $61,810, discount $6,181, 36mo, 12k miles

Minimum drive off: $1,562.49, Monthly payment: $731.77

Dealer 2:
SQ5 Prem +
Sticker $65k
Selling $60k
12k per year
$0 done

Looks like in dealer 1 you got the costco 10% discount but what about incentives? what RV? you’re missing a lot of data to evaluate the deal

I would not buy a 2020 without a awesome discount as the 2021’s are here and better. Shoot for 12%+ pre-incentive with base MF. Or do yourself a favor and get the 2021 for 6-9% off and base MF.

have you seen either of these types of deals happen?