Deal check: 2020 acura mdx tech lease in NJ

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I still have hard time to arrive on the same monthly payment. With the lease calculator, I got a much lower monthly payment. I guess it was the cap reduction $1511. I am not sure if they forget to factor it in. Will appreciate your input
36/10K lease
MSRP:52925 400 for premium color
Selling Price $43,620.28
Acquisition Fee $595.00
Documentation Fee $699.00
State Tax $982
Vehicle Total $45,900
Government 320
Cap Cost Reduction $1,500
Mfgr Rebate $2,000.00
Total Cap Cost Reduction $3,500
Residual 53%
MF 0.00058
Customer Cash $2,495.00
Monthly $439.00

this is the calculator is very close to the monthly payment and total lease cost, but where is the 1511 cap reduction:

If you post your calculator, we can assist in finding the discrepancy. Hard to help find the issue without it.

How much is the direct to dealer incentive? Have you ran the numbers with the non-subvened MF and the higher incentive instead to compare?

Yes, I have updated the post with the calculator.

Have you read the calculator faq?

Obviously not since you ask. I will go and read it now.

The 53k msrp is for more than just premium color? Is it a base? These are generally 47-48k msrp.