Deal Check 2020 740i-$1,030/mo + tax

Hey Guys, I just stumbled across this forum, and WOW, so much incredible info!
I am looking to lease a new 740i, details are below. I ran the calculator, it comes in at about 7.3, not sure how good that number is. I feel the deal is kind of ok, but definitely not a steal at this price. I know I can apply for an additional BMW CCA rebate of $1,500, have not included it here yet (thank you leasehackr forum!). Would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

2020 BMW 740i
$1,030/month +tax
MSRP - 97,500
Selling price - 83,800
Residual -55%
10k miles/year
Loyalty rebate- $1,500 applied to initial payment
Due on Delivery- $5,000
MF - .00168
Doc Fee -$85
Acquisition Fee-$925
License Fee $848
Gross Cap Cost $84,700
Total Cap Reduction $2,200
Net Cap Cost $82,500
MSD- none

Wow! But the discount as good as it looks includes incentives. Break those out to get a true read on thee deal and compare. The MF is jacked up too…October is .00128. What’s the downpayment for? Rule of thumb is NO money down on . alease…just typical fees. Take that money and combine with $$$ for max MSD. Best investment you can make. Look for an OL event in your area…maybe end of month.

Use MSD and base MF, at the lease should look like this

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im used to paying $5k every time i lease… i guess it is used to pay down the cap cost? I guess i could reduce to DAS to $2,800 to cover the fees. Yeah, I’ll have to get the dealer to reduce the MF, too.
Sorry, I’m new to this, what does OL stand for?
Thanks Tony!

Cool, that looks a lot better. will just have to negotiate the MF down to the published rate.

Don’t know what OL stands for, but here is info on how to get an OL code.

Much like a predator, the dealer has groomed you well. Paying 5k everytime means they conceal the addition of $100 a month to your payment right away


Lol. Wait how can that be accurate? The $2,200 from down payment is applied towards cap cost reduction. If the cap cost is not reduced, the monthly payments are going to be higher, aren’t they?

Exactly. But look at his title 1,030 a month + tax. Sounds not too bad right? What is concealed is that this is in addition to 5k DAS, so the real monthly is closer to 1130-1150 a month.

You are right, CCR just moves money around, but dealers prey on the fact that most shoppers are focused on monthly payment numbers.

The disadvantages of CCR vs monthly have been debated well-enough such as lost in case of accident and is difficult to recoup CCR when trying to do a lease transfer…

Often times, dealer will use CCR to add/hide “enhancements” such as nitrogen fill and vin etching to the contract …

yeah, i just remembered, i do have the bmw lease protection, $1,500 worth is added/hidden in there. i guess this is why the MF is inflated from the base.