Deal Check: 2019 X3 Xdrive 30i, loaded


Okay, first time doing this. Let me know what you think:

55755 MSRP 2019 X3 XDrive 30i, Loaded, MSRP
51780 Edmunds FMV
2000 Lease Credit (Incentives per on 6.28
3500 Finance Credit
1500 Loyalty Credit
1000 Fleet Credit (through Employer)
1000 Special Event Credit
1000 Family Discount (son works there)
41,780 Selling Price
59% Residual
.00124 MF (based upon offered financing for 60 mo at 2.99%)
PreTax Payment: $366
After Tax Payment @ 6%: $387.96
Upfront fees and Taxes: $490
Drive-Off: $878
Disposition Fee: $350
LeaseHackr Score: 12.3

I’m confident I screwed something up here, so please let me know your thoughts!

Great deal. I say go for it.

Did I calculate it correctly?

No. Not all those incentives are valid and that’s not how you get the MF. The buyrate MF is .00165.

Great. Changed the MF to what you said, pmt went to 421. So, what are the incorrect incentives?

Poor discount…barely cracking invoice.

Finance =/= Lease so not all those incentives apply,

Okay, so noobie stupid question: Does “invoice” mean before packages? Because the base price is 40,490. And remove which incentive? Finance and leave Lease?

Hey, I admitted I was clueless.

Invoice is price dealer pays manufacturer not counting holdback and or sales target bonuses.

Depending on the car it’s either a crappy discount (Most models) or decent (X7)

Incentives will depend on what you qualify for… X3 currently has $2,000 lease cash and $1,500 loyalty depending on region.

Thank you. Obviously I need a little more research.