Deal Check: 2019 Volvo XC90 T5 Momentum Demo

According to CarGurus this car has been listed for 126 days and has 4,xxx miles on it.

Then I’d definitely be leaning towards the higher end of the discount spectrum as a target.

It looks like the current incentive is $3,500 dealer cash, so targeting 15-20% off pre-incentive and then taking off the 3,500 sounds like a reasonable target? Thanks for all of your help and responses!

yup, target discount is before incentives

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Ok great, I’ll give that a shot!

126 days total doesn’t mean it had been punched 126 days ago. But it only 4 months total with 4k miles anyway, so may not even qualify for loaner cash.

Is loaner cash a mileage thing, a time thing, or both? I thought it qualified once it hit 3k miles, but I’m no expert.

3 months/4,500 or 6/6,000. Though my XC90 had 5,500 miles, but probably was in loaner fleet for over 6 months.

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Is it two different tiers of loaner cash?

No, the same. Just qualification. But there can be more to it, I guess. @Benedetto can chime in when he gets over his cold :grin:

That’s the listing, it looks like it’s been up there for 89 days actually (got it confused with an X5 I was looking at last week).

How would I know if this qualifies for dealer cash? On their site they list $3,500 dealer lease cash in the description.

Are you looking at loaners? Look for loaner/demo icon on dealers’ sites.

Not specifically but I’m open to either brand new or a demo/loaner. I know this one is a demo because I went and test drove it.

You need to ask when it will qualify for demo/loaner cash and ready to be pulled from the demo fleet. Otherwise, they will sell it to you as new.

This is a good question and leads to common misconceptions when buyers are looking for loaner deals.

I cannot explain this as well as someone from a dealership could, but it’s more about write downs.

When a car goes into the loaner fleet it is essentially purchased by the service department. The longer it stays in the fleet, the more write downs it may get.

Just like the accounting term, " A write - down is a term for the reduction in the book value of an asset"

Not all dealerships have the same strategy for write downs. That is why some are able to easily do 15% or more pre rebates on a BMW loaner, while others would never do that.

I know this isn’t super detailed, but I wanted to at least chime in and say, not all loaner cars are alike and I get this question a lot. It depends on how the dealer does write downs and how long the car has been in fleet. There isn’t a flat loaner cash amount on every car at every dealership that is equal.


Loaner cash amount (i.e. $3,000 on XC90) is the same for Volvo as far as I know, but how they write depriciation down and the amortization amount they get can be different, like you said. Not everyone is willing to give everything they get for amortization.

Such a nerd :slight_smile:

Not even sure what I said is true :grin:

There are a few different programs.

$1500 and $3000 are just for service cars.

Some get $1000, $2500, etc.

Great looking ride!