Deal check - 2019 Volvo S60 T6 R-Design

Hey guys,

Looking for confirmation on this deal that I’ve put together, hoping to sign and take delivery on Tuesday the 31st. After reading a ton of posts on here I looked up the MF, RV, and incentives from Volvo on Edmunds. Started researching this about a week ago when I started talking to the dealer - they seem motivated to move this vehicle since it’s a 2019 and it’s end of year, or at least my sales guy hooked it up. This is a brand new vehicle 6 miles on the ODO and they are discounting it 18.3% off MSRP. they’ve agreed to MF and RV per my research, their initial quote was higher by .00025 on the MF but after I told them I know what VCFS was offering they adjusted it.

One question I’d like your answer on: does a dealer need to pull your credit in addition to VCFS or can you get away with just the one inquiry from the leasing company? My initial convo with their finance manager, he mentioned they’d need to pull credit to satisfy red flag laws, OFAC verification, etc. in addition to the inquiry from VCFS.
I work in home loans and pull credit every day, and I argued that all of that can be satisfied with the VCFS credit inquiry, am I correct in assuming that? I don’t see the need for 2 inquiries, especially one from the dealer when they are not the one lending the money.

Here is the calculator, thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.

They’re not cutting the price by 18%, they rolling a bunch of your incentives from Volvo into that to make it seem like they’re giving you a good deal.

Your starting point here needs to be the same as every other deal; go to edmunds and get the mf, rv, and incentives to baseline the deal. Then, you’ll have an idea of how much discount they’re actually giving you and if they actually are motivated to sell before the end of the year, you’ll have an idea how much to push them.


Good observation, very true. So correction would be with edmunds recommended 2000 rebate and 750 lease cash for that zip code, 13.4% off MSRP for their selling price. Should I be looking to push price down further to get it to 510/mo since that would be 1% on MSRP?

13% is great discount, if true. You will get 2 credit pulls. What zip?
9 MSDs will make it $514/mo

You should ignore anything you’ve ever heard about a 1% rule and evaluate the deal based on the specific deal.

13% on a brand new car is great discount. There have been lots of S60 deals on here at a lower monthly, but that was largely due to the huge incentives that were being offered at certain points in time.

Zip for the dealer is Moline IL 61265. Re-calculated at 4850 lease cash from Edmunds. Also have MF of .00046 from Edmunds. I was using .00050. So basically, they discounted it about 9% and represented the 4,850 lease cash as part of their price drop. Glad I came here for advice! If they really did put price at 41,630 per their quote, and gave me the lease cash of 4850, the payment would be much lower. Sub 400. I guess I’m wondering how realistic it is to push for that?

That’s more in line with what I originally expected to hear was going on.

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I doubt they will give you much more considering they are at 9% now with marked up MF. Anything between 11-13% with buy rate would still be very good-to-great.
Your calculator is wrong - it still shows sales prices at 18.7% plus whole $4,850 incentives. Reduce it by 8% to see the reasonable deal.


Looks like this is going to be the final agreement. I feel pretty good about getting the actual 12% off MSRP before the Volvo incentives. payment looks right at 500/mo and with 15K miles/year I am pretty happy about it.

On a non-demo, that is a good deal.

Now, max out MSDs and don’t forget your $500 post sale rebate from bonus drive


Looks good. If you do MSDs, ask them to give you another $50 off (or just do small down payment) to bring monthly under $500 to reduce total MSD amount.