Deal Check: 2019 Volvo S60 Lease

Hey everybody! I’m still learning the ins/outs of the process, but thoughts on this deal I recently worked on? Area of improvement?

Your numbers don’t make sense in the calculator. What is the pre-msd MF? What is the pre-incentive sales price? What are the incentives?

Thanks mll.

I’ll do more research on how to utilize the calculator correctly. I essentially loaded the details they gave me and manually adjusted the mf so the final monthly payments and total lease cost were what I quoted.

MSRP = 56,410
Selling Price = 42,810

I dont have a detailed list of incentives, other than Volvo 1st payment waiver and $500 allowance.

I’m not sure if the additional context above and details help.

You’ll want to start by going to Edmunds and getting base MF, RV, and incentives. From there, you’ll want to get the lease breakdown from the dealer so you know what the deal you’re looking at actually is.


Original MSRP = $56,410
Selling Price = $42,810
RV = $28,205

Per Edmunds:
MF = 0.00046
Incentives = $4000 + $500 (holiday bonus)

I did not qualify for loyalty or affiliate

MSD x9 included in below

1st payment including tax - $478.90
Doc Fee - $495
Plates and Title - $135
Upfront Sales Tax - $30.94
Refundable Security Deposit - $4,500 (Maxed at $500 x 9)
Total Charges - $5,639.84

Less 1st Payment Waiver - $478.90
Total out of Pocket - $5,160.94

Out of Pocket + Payments = $21,922.44
Refunded Security <$4,500>
Total Expenditure only $17,422.44

16% pre-incentive discount is a damn good discount on a non loaner. That residual value isn’t doing your lease price any favors. I’d compare terms against a 2020 to see where they land, even with a lesser discount.

Thanks Mll for reviewing this and providing feedback.

So I understand… what is “lease price” that you mentioned above?

I’m not sure if this context helps, but in my situation, it’s highly unlikely I would buy out the lease as I’ll need an SUV at this term…with that in mind, would I still want to work the RV?

With a higher residual value and all else equal, your monthly payment would be lower. Sometimes it is worth checking the terms on the newer models for comparison, as the higher residual may offset a lower discount/lower incentives.


The residual is 50%, which is what Volvo has for a 36/15 lease. This looks to be a great deal. The incentives should be $4000 + $500 holiday + $1850 lease cash. I have loyalty as well, which I am being told is only good for $500 on a lease, not $1000. So for you, it is $6350 of incentives, which means they are knocking $7,250 off the price as the “dealer discount”.

Is this a loaner by any chance? If not, that is an amazing discount and if you dont take it, tell me what dealer it is and I will! If it is a loaner, note that you need to find out the loaner mileage and the residual gets reduced by somewhere between 20 and 25 cents per mile, soo the residual would end up less than 50%, increasing the payment. Also to note, if you are doing a 3 year 15k mile per year lease and this is a loaner, be careful about getting one with more than 5k miles on it if you want to stay in warranty the whole time.

Seriously…if this isnt a loaner (or even if it is and it has less than 5k miles on it) and you don’t want the car, let me know where it is at. I am looking. Or, like dating…does she have a sister? (another one there they might do the same deal on).


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Thank you, all really helpful!!

Yes, it’s a loaner. I’ll respond back with mileage as I’m heading there today to finalize!

Thanks everybody. CJ - i’ll see if she has a sister :slight_smile:

I’d push for more on a loaner.

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Thanks Mll - What would you recommend if it was 1k - 3k miles?

Some good news - car was in mint condition and < 300 miles. I may walk away from this one as I found a near identical car, but Inscription model with the cooled seats I had been searching for. I’ll kmow by Monday

CJ has first dibs, but if anybody else would like the salesman’s details (Northeast), happy to share.

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Excellent. I’ll send you a private message here and share my contact info with you. Thanks!


Is that a black r des by chance?

I think I know the car

Is the ins you’re thinking about a brighter color?

Hey Boston! “R des” ?? - not sure what that means.

The Inscription is Black, found a 2019 leftover before it was flipped to loaner.

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Sorry I meant R Design :slight_smile:

There are many stuffed S60s left in New England over 300 days. Good candidates for solid lease deals this month. Happy hunting!


Can someone explain why S60’s are the "Most Hackable’’ as someone put it?

Thank You

Dealers willing to offer big pre-incentive discounts, high incentives, decent RV, low MF.

Much of that is probably a result of Volvo subsidizing the rates to try to gain market share/become relevant again in the general market.

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Not all S60s, but the 2019s are right now.


The S60s are built in South Carolina, in general they’re a tad less expensive for the same equipment, and they usually carry a slightly higher RV and slightly lower MF. Most of the leftover 2019 Volvos with lease support are leasing pretty well right now, the V90 exceptionally in a few markets.