Deal check - 2019 Mazda CX5 Sport AWD


I’m buying a car for the first time and I am interested in the 2019 Mazda CX5 Sport AWD in white. I finally went to the dealer a few days ago. Their initial estimates for a 36 month/10,000 miles lease for the same model but in blue was:

I decided I would trade in my 2008 Suzuki SX4 Hatchback AWD (pretty beat up) and they said they would give me $1,000 for it. They would also go pick it up 1.5 hours away because it’s on a donut tire. I wanted the white model more than the blue one, and they said that they could give me that and not charge me the additional $200.

Their final offer with the $1,000 trade in & $0 down was $269/mo. Due at signing is first months lease and the $250 DMV fees. I tried to ask them to lower the selling price, but they didn’t budge yet. I will keep trying to get it down to about $23,000 since it’s the end of the year. It also says $1,887 in total savings and rebates, so does that actually mean the selling price is $24,531, not $26,418? Is this a good deal?

Also, do you guys have any suggestions on other questions I should ask before finalizing the deal?

Thank you!

I know nothing about Mazdas, but a $500 dealer discount on a $27,000 car doesn’t get me very excited.

$500 off pre-incentive is not a good deal.

Still not very good… here is a local broker deal from @nyclife which comes out to about $270/month $0 drive off including tax without the extra $1000.

So should I be asking for about $23,000 selling price? I’ve looked at TrueCar/KBB/Edmunds and they said the value is about $25,000 right now.

I’d start by looking through as many comparable deals and broker posting on here as you can to start

Pretty sure you’d be lucky just to get 10% off MSRP on a Mazda. That’s about the best you’ll get with a little research. Ask another dealer if they’re not willing to budge