Deal Check: 2019 Kia Niro EV

MSRP: $39,890
Selling Price: $37,995
Cap reduction: $7,772.19
Cap Cost: $30,718
Residual: $17,152 (43%)
MF: .00186
Term: 36 with 12k miles per year
Monthly: $477 incl tax
Down payment: $0

Is this a good deal? I know there should be 10,200 in lease rebates but could not figure out how that math worked with a bunch of fees added in. First time leasing so need some help!

Doesn’t look good. Dealer discount is weak. Dont see any rebates. There are some very large ones depending on the term. Looks like theres also a $1000 bonus. RV is low. Nothing you can do about that. MF is a bit high. Gotta see it in the calculator.

Is it $0 down or $0 due at sale

I believe $0 down

Added the cap cost reduction to the original post. When we asked why it wasn’t the full 10,200 for cap cost reduction, the dealer said “out of the rebate comes all the fees and one payment, the remainder is the cap reduction” I didn’t quite follow this

They’re pulling your drive offs (registration, first month’s payment, etc) out of the rebate and putting the balance to cap cost reduction.

Should I try to get them to apply the full rebate to the selling price and not include those fees in order to lower the monthly payment?

It doesn’t make any difference. They either roll the fees into the monthly or roll more cap cost into the monthly. The fees have to get paid either way.

Sounds like they’re trying to pocket some. You should be at 410 before tax and fees. If you can get 10% dealer discount you’ll be around 350

less than 5% off a 2019? yikes. Just get a 2020.

You should get a lease sheet with all the numbers so we aren’t guessing what the deal is, either a screenshot or printout

To the OP: So what was the deal you finalized?

Who would have ever thought that a Kia would be leasing for as much as a bmw or Mercedes. I could never throw down nearly $500 a month for a Kia!!!