Deal Check - 2019 e-Tron - 563/mo+tax without MSDs - 36/10

Long time lurker, currently trying to hack a deal on a 19 e-tron. I’ve been talking to two dealers, and the best either of them will do is basically 10% (plus marketing allowance of 5500) pre-incentive on leftover '19s. I have Costco and loyalty, but am in a decidedly not competitive market.

Here’s the deal:

2019 E-Tron P+ - 36/10
MSRP - 77,870
Selling price - 64,632 (includes current 5500 marketing allowance)
Incentives - 11,500 - Loyalty (2000), Costco (2000), Tax credit (7500) - plus cash card (500)
MF - .00132 (buy rate)
Residual - 49%
Payment - 563/mo+tax
Drive off - 2142 (first payment, tax on incentives, dealer fees - but really it doesn’t matter)

Here’s a link to the calculator. FYI, I put the marketing allowance in the untaxed incentives section to show the actual dealer discount up top.

Obviously this easily meets the 1% rule, but can I do better? Does this meet the approval of the hacker gods?

Finally something I really know inside and out!

Cash card isn’t a taxed incentive, it’s a cash back rebate as a well, gift card to Costco. MF is buy rate, well done! RV is correct, incentives are all correct, 1% rule is meaningless, as a 3% deal on a custom order range rover is obviously a better deal than a 1% Volvo, quiet before MLLCB hears you.

What state are you in, that DMV registration fee is enviable.

Honestly, this is really well done, the only thing I can advise on, is getting that dealer discount up, it’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not insane, we’ve seen as high as 17% in AZ w/t market allowance, albeit 2 months ago pre-Covid you know what. You said you’re in a non-competitive environment, it can’t hurt to ask for more, but I wouldn’t walk if they don’t.

This is your actual calculator with 10 MSDs. We highly recommend MSDs as they provide a double digit return, for you it would be 1808 total over the life of your lease, for 6k upfront that is a return of nearly 30% tax free over 3 years! (Do it, you’d be almost idiotic not to, it’s tax free, saves you money, and if upfront capital is an issue, this caliber of car is not a good idea).

P.S: Controversial territory here, people recommend putting 0 das, to avoid any capital loss if the car is totaled/stolen, as any $ das is lost in that scenario (acquisition, DMV, etc; except MSDs, those are returned). Doing so would only add 200ish over the life of your lease, and means you would only put 6k das in refundable MSDs. My dad, nor his colleague who I did a BMW for, both did not do this, but it’s obviously your choice.

Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for the comment on the 1% rule! I included that since I figured someone would chime in and say “meets the 1% rule”!

I’m in NV, and the dealers here really aren’t competitive. Marketing allowance is based on where the dealer is, rather than purchaser, right? Since AZ isn’t too far away, maybe it’s worth expanding the search to the Phoenix area.

The “registration” in the quote is actually a DMV title fee. Registration here is horrible, and paid a few weeks after you buy. It’ll be a couple grand per year, unfortunately. I guess that’s the flip side of not having state income tax.

Thanks as well on the MSDs and DAS advice! Will likely do it, but am going to check with AZ just to be safe beforehand!

my local dealer stated 3k audi credit does not apply to leasing, only when you buy. Anyone know if that is accurate statement? Thanks.

Man that is a good deal!!

What credit? 7500 ev lease credit, 2k loyalty, 2k Costco which expires the 31st.

The extra $3k is if you take the standard MF. Made sense last month but not this month, but other hackrs might need to chime in on that.

2 days late but yes, allowance is dealer zip.

I think the marketing allowance in NV is only $4,000.

You’re right. It’s actually 1,500 more of a dealer discount. 12% pre-incentive rather than the 10 I thought I was getting.

In case anyone is interested, I actually may end up passing on the deal. Turns out new house garage likely doesn’t fit this and my wife’s GLS.

I agree with you on the state fees. We have a VERY low capped sales tax but property taxes are due yearly. There is no free lunch. These E-tron deals are really attractive. I drove one and I really liked it. If they had a charging network that would rival Tesla I think these things would fly off the lots.

Is this deal available if I’m based in SoCal?