Deal check: 2019 C63 pending pick up tomorrow


I currently have a c43 with 9 months left on lease of 664. Mercedes has a 3 month pull ahead and I was interested in a leftover c63 sedan that a local dealer has. After getting to the bottom with them we negotiated 7500 miles per year .00199 mf 72000 MSRP 36 month lease 2500 down at 965 a month with my trade in. Have a deposit on the vehicle and am approved tier 1 with an 800 credit score. Not sure if I should expect them to do better and walk, or if I should jump on this. Any info would be helpful. NJ by the way

Do you have more of a breakdown of the numbers? What is your tax rate? Is the $2500 the full due at signing amount, or is it just the down payment?

Tax 6.625 55% risidual 2500 total money down

What is the total amount due at signing then?

Total amount due at signing is 2500.

Ah, ok.

Looks like 11% off, plus $3k in incentives if you account for the $4k in payments on your c43 they are eating, plus base mf.

AMG cars don’t typically lease very well and not a ton of data to pull from, but that looks like one of the better deals I’ve seen.

Based on the info you provided, I would assume the deal breakdown is similar to this, the extra payments for your current lease added to the acquisition fee.

Seems like a decent deal, but really hard to justify eating almost 4K in payments, even if there is true pull ahead for 3 out of the 9. It about $130/month extra after interest etc.

So this car would be about 830 per month if there were no payments that needed to be accounted for?

Yes, just subtract 3900 from the acquisition fee.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a c63 under 875 per month. Would be great

Acquisition fee is a specific term that represents what the bank charges to get the lease started. Don’t confuse things by using it in other ways.

OP, for 6 months you are pretty much paying for 2 cars. Those remaining payments don’t disappear, every add them to your current lease.

What are the chances if I keep my current lease another 6 months and can still find such a great deal on a c63. I do remember several months ago on the same terms except without a trade the leases were around 1200

Maybe try to swap out of the C43 - you can provide an incentive and it would still be cheaper than just rolling in the negative equity.

I don’t follow C63 numbers so I don’t know. See what other have been posting.

How does the incentive I would offer work

Have you checked inventory outside that dealership? If national count is high, best to wait till march/ april for these.

I have not checked. Sales lady swore there was no other 19 sedan left on the east coast

Well if she swore then it must be correct…

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Why does it matter? It’s all being rolled in.

Dealer fee and dmv represent specific fees as well.

I wanted to allow the OP see the straight discount and impact of rolling in the 6 extra payments. Acquisition fee is at least is a set amount and cannot be altered.

@MPIERRO1221 - you are not asking if the same discount is available in 5-6 months, rather a 7% discount as that would be the same after absorbing the $4K payments. The answer is yes.


You are paying almost 5% on your negative equity over your new lease period. Unless you wipe yourself with $100 bills, I don’t think the jump from C43 to a base c63 is worth it.