Deal Check: 2019 BMW Z4


Hi, this is my first time leasing a car and would like feedback on a lease deal I was presented the other day. I’m looking at a new 2019 BMW Z4 3.0, msrp $59,065, sell price $48,900.

Per sales rep, money factor translates to 4.5% APR (assume top tier credit) and based on 59% residual. 10K miles/year, 36 months, $1K down comes out to $665 monthly with all taxes and fees rolled in.

I’m in TX and car sales tax is 6.25%, I think sales tax here is based on the total purchase price of the car, not the lease payment.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, I appreciate it!

MF is too high.
What’s the discount on the car and what’s the incentives?
What’s the breakdown of the fees?

Sebastian, thanks so much for your reply.

MF quoted is .00155 based on a 743 credit score I pulled from a credit card app.

Discount total is $10,165 and includes a $2.5K lease incentive baked in, so discount without $2.5K credit is $7,665 on $59,065 MSRP.

Fee breakdown:
Nitrogen: $199
Nano Care: $199
Customer Care Package (sales rep said this is window tint and floor mats): $895
Total Purchase: $50,193
Dealer Doc: $150
Tax: $3,112.19
Non tax fees: $324.14
Balance: $53,779.33

Thanks again, I appreciate the assist!

Has to be the most expensive window tint I’ve seen

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Those fees are bs. You have $1200 in added dealer mark up, so you’re basically getting 10% pre-incentive with a fully marked up MF.

Yikes. We work almost exclusively in Texas. We can save you a lot of money without those crazy fees!

I don’t live in Texas but if I did, I’d never lease a car there without tax credits bringing it down to 1.25% of sales price.

No effin way I’m paying 6.25% of the sales price on a lease

Thanks, Max. That’s been one reason why I’ve been hesitant to lease. Any recommendations on how to procure sales tax credits from the dealer? I mentioned them and the sales manager seemed evasive… indicate they could not offer for May as they went over their allotment in April (surprised to hear this as COVID shelter in place orders were in full swing in TX) and that the Z4 was not included in the offer anyways.

You are a prime candidate to use a broker. Not trying to be rude but you are not armed with enough info to go in and have a favorable sale discussion with a dealer. Dealers stay in business by doing business in the dark and keep the majority of customers in the dark.

A broker will hook you up with a solid deal and you won’t have to go through the process of trying to find out if you’re being lied to or not.


We have a ton of good Texas folks on here, and I am always amazed that they can move cars in that environment.

There actually aren’t tax credits now. They are generally only at the end of the year. The only way to really capture one right now is to do a one-pay on a lease, which is when you pay the entire lease up-front. Again, I’ve put the offer out there if you’d like to use our services.