Deal Check - 2019 BMW X5


2019 BMW X5 xdr 40i
MSRP - 66245
Lease Price - 59450.03
Resid - 38422.10 (58%)
10k miles/year
Bonus cash - 1250
MF - .00145

$5000 deposit plus dmv fees
They sent me an offer from BMW saying I should be able to get 8k off MSRP. But the numbers just dont add up for me.
Been going to this BMW dealer for over 10 years and thought these numbers were really high. Any thoughts?

What’s the payment?

752/month. sorry just updated.

The payment is calculated is correct with zero down, just fees upfront. Where’s that $5000 going?

Base MF is .00128, so they’re marking that up. Have them give you base rate and that should drop your payment almost $50

Looks like $5000 is MSDs.

.00128 is the correct rate for October. Pretty sure it dropped going from August to September

If the $5000 is MSD, then his rate should be significantly lower than the base rate of .00128

NY doesn’t have MSDs. I dont know where they got the 5k either. Been dealing with them for over a decade. SMH.

Is this a Long Island dealer?

Bmw bayside

They are not the easiest to work with at all

Apparently takes two decades of dealer loyalty to get transparent numbers

Not true
Not everyone there is hard to work

Ask for Mike D
Great guy and very direct conversation

One of the WORST