Deal check: 2019 BMW X3 AWD Loaner - Good enough?



Please chime in on this offer I have for a lease of 36 mos./10k miles a year on a 2019 BMW X3 AWD loaner:

Total of $11,245 off MSRP of $50k, or 22.5% off, with first monthly payment of $475 and DAS of $3,500 due at signing (or a total of $3,975). I plan to drive over and finalize the deal - unless someone tells me that I still can do better (i.e., who knows what the June program can offer???). Thanks and I appreciate the feedback

MSRP - $50,0xx
SP - $41,350 (17.5% off)
Adj. RV - 57.14% (impact of @4.2k demo miles)
MF - .00165
Incentives - $2,500 (lease credit and loyalty)
NJ Dealer’s fees - $599
NJ DMV - $310.50
NJ taxes & bank fee - @ $2,200
7 MSDs - $3,500
Monthly - $475.00
Due at signing: 1st month & MSDs - $3.975

The discount is really good, but in reality you could lease a brand new X3 for about the same price or get a less equipped model and save about $50/month.

You will be hard pressed to find any dealer willing to go 17.5% off on a brand new x3. They’re all in at 11%

Ya but he will pickup 2 more points on the RV and be eligible for CCA.

2 points on RV isn’t going to offset 6.5% more in discount IF he can find someone willing to go 11%

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Legends on here on the marketplace has a 50k msport listed for $432 before applying CCA. So I think I stand by my statement.

I just received this deal from a dealer in NJ:

15k/year at 36 months

MSRP - $49,195
Sale Price- $43,793
Rebates Applied - $2000 ($1250 manufacturer lease rebate + $750 conquest rebate)
Money Factor - 0.00165 (with the max 7 MSD’s, the money factor drops to 0.00130 accordingly)

$3669 DAS as follows without MSD’s:
$549 - first month’s payment
$1536 - NJ taxes
$925 - BMW lease acquisition fee
$499 - doc fee
$160 - estimated motor vehicle

Opinion? How does it compare?

in CA, where they don’t have the same tax burden as NJ does. Is that deal also including incentives OP doesn’t qualify for?

For a brand new X3 with $1.3k less in MSRP, the same dealer quoted me $525 a month with DAS of $4,025 (MSDs of $3,500 and 1st month). This quote represents 11.8% before the $2.5k incentives, for a total of 16.9% off the MSRP of 48,7xx

I actually will be paying $50 more a month ($525 - $475) for a lower MSRP car (and less features the price reduction corresponds).

So, the choice is: higher-priced loaner with 4.2k miles in the odometer with a monthly of $475 vs. brand-new car with lesser features/lower MSRP but higher monthly of $525.

I don’t think it should matter too much about NJ vs CA because their its being account for with $1500 more DAS on the NJ deal. Also they say they qualify for the same rebate in the post.

I’ll just say good luck with that if that’s the path OP wants to take and leave it at that.