Deal Check: 2019 BMW 530e Demo


Checking a deal on a 330e owner’s choice in TX. I tried the calculator but I’m not matching their numbers.

Their discount seems right, but it still seems like their payment is coming out a little high and I’m not sure why. How’s this look?


Remove nanocare and nitrogen.

Thanks, I was planning to ask for that. Any red flags other than that?

OP, Is the E really beneficial for you at this price point? Aren’t the 330i’s like half the price @Electric?

Demos are, for a well optioned one I’ve seen depending on the deal range from 290-370 for an M sport line.

Edit: Never mind, this is Texas.

Not quite, because of the taxes, but depending on? MSRP/loyalty/etc., we can easily be at $450, if not a little lower.

No, sorry, they’re not. Even forgetting about Texas tax, at 16%, it’s still going to be more than that.

The 330e was not offered in the U.S. market for the 2019 model year. Do you mean that this is a 530e? The MSRP would check out for the latter if that is the case.

Yeah, you’re right, sorry I’m thinking NE region. Also this might be a 530e. 330e was discontinued for 2018 my. Returns 2021 for US, and that would explain MSRP, which would be like a luxury line convenience package and premium package 5 series.

Thats a great point actually. I couldn’t seem to digest the fact that the 2018s were half the price of these if this was a 2019 330e :grimacing:

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Whether it’s a 530e or not, we’re still lower: April Texas BMWs: X5 TAX CREDITS! 2019 330i 16.6% off; NEW 2019 M850i 22.1% w/tax credit; 2020 M4CS; 2019 440i M Sport.

And I actually have a $59,000 one that I believe is less than this one monthly.

Wait what do u mean ? If its not a 530e, what can it be ?

Who knows if the the buyer doesn’t know what it is? Haha. Point is that the buyer should be able to do better, whether it’s through us or not.

This is the $59,000 one:

“This way, you can claim the $2,500 electric vehicle credit from Texas AND the $4,668 federal credit.”
From your post, and this works for demo mods as well ?

Fixed my typo, not a huge fan of the alpine white, but yes Electric/IAC are clearly way out ahead on this.

Yup, as long as they are done as owner’s choice. We have several demos/loaners that one dealer would like to clear out, so they’re at significant discounts.

The first one I posted is white. The second one is black. We also have silver, graphite, and blue.

The black one has the following:


  • Power Tailgate
  • Comfort Access Keyless Entry
  • Heated Front Seats
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio


  • Head-Up Display
  • Wireless Charging
  • Gesture Control
  • Enhanced USB & Bluetooth


  • Tires: 245/40R19 AS Run-Flat


harman/kardon Surround Sound System

Also, that was with conquest and not with loyalty/corporate.

This is with corporate/loyalty:

It was discontinued AFTER 2018 my

Wait… on a lease, doesnt the bank claim the credit?

In this case, BMW financial services has already claimed the federal credit…

The person leasing the car can’t claim it as well.

Am I wrong?