Deal Check: 2019 Audi Q7 2.0T SE P+

Negotiating an Audi Q7 and received this offer this WE for a 2019 Q7 2.0T P+, 36mo, 10K in Washington, DC metro area. Audi care is including with an extra $16 per month.

What do you guys think?

Where’s the offer?

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Sorry it didn’t upload correctly the first time.

Thats a lot. Another member got one for $515 a month with fees at signing

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I think the money factor is marked up a bit here. I’ve been looking at these for my dad and haven’t had a lot of luck yet in the northeast. That 515/mo deal was on the west coast so incentives may have been different. So far nobody has wanted to play ball on a 20% discount including the incentives.

Yeah I went to a dealer yesterday and they laughed at me with 15% discount. I laughed walking out the door. :joy:

they all think that their cars are hot…2020 model is vastly better tech

looking for a q7 as well. Reached out to a few dealers, quoting astronomical lease prices. Every dealer in the northeast has at least 30+ 2019 q7s in stock. No one wants to come close to 20% discount, its crazy.

Why do you think it is crazy Audi dealers don’t want to discount their remaining Q7s anywhere close to 20% off MSRP? What are you being offered? Where in the Northeast are you located?

Best i got was 16% or so off on a 3.0

That’s not an awful deal. What part of the country are you located?

EDIT: Your screen name says NY.

Yes NY. 16.2 was final numbers. Did it for a friend of mine. It was last month though.

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I think sometimes lease hackers focus too much on those “unique” deals. Don’t get me wrong, if I were in the market for this car, I will aim for the highest possible discount. However, not every dealer is going to just offer you 20% off a 2019 Q7 cos the 2020 is a new model.

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Ok, here’s a new deal I’ve just got. I think it’s pretty good and I will take it.

How’d you get a 60% residual with 12k miles on a 36 mo lease? I thought trim SE P+ got the highest, but it was 57% (58% with Audicare) with 10k/36mo…

Sorry, made a mistake. It’s 10K per year and 60% residual.

Looks like a decent deal. Better than 80% of regular deals that audi probably writes.

Maybe I’m still not getting it unless a P model has a higher residual. With or without Audicare, there are no Q7 residuals that hit 60% (maybe for 7.5k miles + Audicare?). 2020’s are even lower.