Deal Check - 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport

Hey all. Time is approaching to turn in my 2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport. Infiniti is being extremely aggressive on a new deal to keep me in a new Red Sport, but thinking it may be time for a change.

Test drove the Guilia Ti Sport today, and while it’s not nearly as fast as the RS, it’s a nice car without a doubt. Thoughts on the deal? I’m leaning towards it being very fair.

Model - 2019 Guilia Ti Sport RWD
Options - Trofeo White Tri-Coat Paint / Ti Sport Package / Ti Leather Package / Dual Pane Sunroof
/Harman Kardon Audio
Months - 27
Mileage - 10K
MSRP - $49,740
Misc - They’ll pay final 3 payments to Infiniti ($1,260)

Total Due At Signing (Taxes/Fees) - $1400
Monthly Payment - $389 (Including Taxes)

I’d wait for your other lease to be completely finished, no need to roll the 1260 in your payments

I don’t believe that’s what’s happening, although I could be wrong, but the monthly looks to be inline with a fair deal all things considered. They’ve offered to pay the 3 remaining payments to Infiniti, albeit they could be hiding it in the $389 I guess.

I was offered a
(GIulia Base Model / $42,240.00 MSRP
27 months / 12k miles per year / $445 tax included) from a broker, is this a good deal