Deal Check: 2 x 2020 Toyota Tundra 4x4 $325/mo $49k MSRP


Upgrade package
Sport Plus Package / TRD Offroad package
Convenience package

Live in Las Vegas but out of state deals allowed

you want the best deal, instead of putting 1k down each, contact @Jrouleau426 and see his post for the best price, go save yourself time and thousands.

Shipping to the West is $1200-$1800 PER TUNDRA and his $290/mo deal is only in person, else the payment is higher ($360/mo)

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got it, was worth a shot right

Appreciate it. I would be about $3500 cheaper for both of them but picking up and driving across the country takes a real commitment. Haha

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$3500 - 4 days - 4xhotel - gasx2 - broker fees - flightsx2 haha

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What bank is offering that MF?

Assuming both are US bank leases don’t see how you could be $3500 cheaper. Arizona License Fees and Taxes are going to be the same regardless of where he got the deal. Looks like base MF? Only thing that can be improved on is Dealer discount. Currently at 8%. If dealer goes to 12% that’s roughly $2200 savings. To get to $3500 saving your dealer would have to be at 14.3% pre incentive discount.

$3500 for both…yes I would be. But as the op said it still wouldn’t mKe much sense geographically. He put $1000 down on each. So right off the bat I’m $2000 cheaper not including my fee, which would have been cheaper since he was buying 2. And my discount is higher then 8%

Sorry your right, didn’t see the “both” part.

Hi, what dealer did you get this deal at in LV?

Anderson Toyota in Lake Havasu, sorry I didn’t see this earlier.