Deal Analyze X5

Need your expert advice here. I will try to replicate in LH calc.

Why is this showing $3k in sales tax on a lease in socal?

no idea, could be total sales tax for the period of 36 months lease?

It’s about $500 too high for that (assuming $68 in tax a month and 9% of the $3k rebate)

thanks, yes the tax rate is 9%
breakdown of capped fees is 925 acq + 150 doc + 486 title

Do you think this quote assumes $0 DAS?

No, it’s first month’s das

ah i c
would you please craft this deal in LH calc based on selling price, RV, MF, rebates with 9% sales for $0 DAS and /or with drive off of first month payment, doc, dmv.
If I try to do I may make 100 mistakes …lol

There’s step by step instructions for doing this in the calculator FAQ to help you learn how


According to your profile, you went to Harvard lol

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Even more reason to learn to utilize LH calculator. Most people here try to be helpful, but we’re not here to do your work for your deal.

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Adjust negative downpayment, it’s in how to use the calculator in FAQ.

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You’re at 11.8% pre-incentive discount and $3000 rebate, $815 DAS $815 monthly.

ok thanks…

Does this seem right?

I called finance manager this morning. Won’t say his name and BMW center name, he said he is aware of LH site and LH calculator is 100% wrong. His CDK system is correct and which BMWFS will accept.

It’s simple arithmetic; by definition Calculators can’t be wrong at doing arithmetic. 99% of the time

  • User/input error
  • Mistaken assumptions or misleading statements regarding buyrate MF being used
  • Small nuances in tax calculations

I think there’s like $500 that’s missing, but your calculator is very close. Once you teased all the inputs from the dealer, there is no need to mention how to do the math or even mention leasehackr. I would just say DAS and monthly that’s how you should interface with dealer.

agreed math is math.

I think your fees are wrong. CA dealer fee is capped at $85 and there’s no way you’re getting all the CA gov fees/registration done on a $75k vehicle for under $500. Gov fees in CA usually end up in the 1-1.5% of msrp range.

Add $500 to fees, you are almost exactly right, the dealer somehow made a mistake in fees breakdown. Registration is never less than 1% as @mllcb42 said.