DCU 65-Month Auto Loan Rate Increased from 1.49% to 1.99% to 2.24% to 2.74% to 3.24% to 3.99%

When I created the thread, the rate had just increased from 1.49% to 1.99%.

4/14: Rate was 2.24%
6/1: Rate is now 2.74%


Still not bad but big jump!

To some it’s “only half a point.”

But it’s 33% more interest over the term of the loan.



Absolutely right! But lots of places aren’t even in the 1s

Most of our banks have buy rates starting with a 3.


TMCC is at 2.49% as the lowest rate?


My latest find is Pasadena Federal CU who is advertising 1.85% for 60mo and doesn’t require direct deposit (like DCU). Reasonable rates for 72 and 84 month terms as well. Membership is possible with a one-time donation.


I got that my first time 3 months ago
They said that was their lowest rate

However I’ve seen on the Tesla forums Tesla match CU rates however ymmv

Can you explain what this means?

“Pasadena FCU does not offer collateralized Auto Loans from non-title states”

“The nine non-title holding states are: Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Maryland, and South Dakota. In these states, even if you’re financing, the title is sent to you after you take delivery of the vehicle (you typically get it within two to six weeks).”

I am guessing they won’t underwrite a loan in these states, because the states allow the borrower to posses (or hold) the title, versus the title being held by the state, or by the lienholder.

It’s a good catch, did not know that, because I am in a title holding state.


Gotcha thanks for insight

Lol meaning you can sell it and still have a loan :rofl: which 99% of people wouldn’t pay it off

I register my cars in South Dakota for smog reasons never financed one using that address

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I mean the title would have a lien on it though so you can’t sell it without lien release.

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NWFCU is still at 1.99% up to 72 months on new and used before and after rates hike.

I just bought an executive demo Tesla, with the 3 day pickup window wasn’t able to get a DCU loan in time so I ended up getting a loan through Tesla at 2.7% for 72mo. I wonder, is it possible to refinance this quickly?

After the title is recorded, which will vary depending on your state.


Usually you can refinance after just 1 payment or statement from the bank in my experience as it takes time for the account to get setup and the state to issue the lienholder the title (and all the other stuff that has to happen at a dealership).

Still showing 1.39% 36mths here Rates & Yields: Affinity Federal Credit Union

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But those rates were back from Dec, 2021…anyone used it lately and what is the rate?

Anyone who used DCU or Penfed to finance buying out a lease?

If so, what type of loan did you select?

Penfed told me to select “new auto” but that doesn’t seem correct…