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Although I have yet to get a vehicle at this time (life events, job changes, etc.), Dave has been extremely helpful and frank about the whole process.

He replies to emails in a timely manner and gives great advice. I feel fortunate to have someone with his wealth of knowledge in assisting in the purchase of a vehicle and hope to make a deal soon! There needs to be more people out there like him - no wonder he’s won so many awards!


I found Dave through a forum called Leasehackr. Funny enough I had unbeknownst to be leased M-Sport 7 series car from the manager at BMW Murrieta, George, not 8 months earlier!

Dave immediately got to work when I told him my father was in the market for a new BMW X5. We found the terms agreeable, the price was so good that my dad made the 1 hour+ drive from Irvine to take delivery. Truly the best in all of SoCal - trust me, I checked.

Dave made my family feel welcome at the dealership and the paperwork was a breeze. All the numbers matched up and he even got us a better deal than we discussed initially!

I can’t recommend Dave and BMW of Murrieta enough as they’ve shown me time and time again that they put the customer first and provide excellent service from start to finish.


What a great experience!

My story:
I live in New Jersey, and was negotiating a car for my cousin’s wife in NorCal (a challenging enough task). To make it more difficult, the car was a 430i convertible in Orange (which is almost impossible to find), and my cousin had a stringent budget to work with.

The search had been ongoing for probably more than 6 months. I told my cousin multiple times that it’s probably worth giving up, or else to look for a different color completely. However, his wife was really in love with this orange trim, and neither I nor my cousin wanted to disappoint her!

I emailed Dave and gave him all the details. His dealership didn’t carry the car in their stock.

There was ONE car in all of California with the specs we wanted, and Dave emailed me and asked if I wanted it. He gave an incredible deal and was so honest and transparent. He even agreed to ship the car to NorCal for a reasonable fee.

From the time I first emailed him to the time the deal was closed was less than a week. That really is incredible considering the amount of effort it took him to arrange everything.

I have no hesitation in recommending him, and believe he sets the standard for how I want to do deals in the future. Thanks, Dave!


I’ve taken way too long to post this but as of mid-October I am officially a member of the @BMW_Dave fan club.

I ended up doing a deal for a 2019 X3 w/M Sport, Premium, and some other options, a loaner with 2600 miles and I’m very happy given the X3 is BMW’s most popular vehicle. I was able to score a great deal with very desirable options.

So here’s how it played out. In early October I emailed Dave with an offer for the specific vehicle I liked on the lot at Murietta BMW, a loaner. I modeled my offer based on the deal that @Phantomcypher got on his X5. My offer was ~ 19% off MSRP with $500 down in addition to fees. Dave politely said that there was no way the deal I was asking for could be done and that Phantomcypher deal was not going to be easily replicated. I said OK and pursued other options… including briefly working with a recommended broker here on another vehicle. After getting close on the other vehicle but not where I needed to be, I shot Dave a message (approximately 2 weeks later), with an updated offer, this time at 15% off MSRP and with $1500 down plus fees. Not sure if the numbers just worked or the timing was right but I felt good about it. I think the leasehackr score was an 8.8.

I live in San Luis Obispo which is approximately 5 hours or more from Murietta. Dave offered to ship the vehicle for $300 and fedex the paperwork, so it all could’ve been done remotely and reasonable, and I’m sure it would’ve come off without a hitch. But my wife wanted to go pick it up and we ended up making the trek down the next day and driving back up the coast in separate cars, exchanging to break up the drive and enjoy the new beauty.

So it’s one month tomorrow and couldn’t be happier with the X3 or the purchase. I’d recommend Dave and BMW Murietta to anyone interested in getting a good (maybe great deal) on your next BMW.



I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Dave Townsend. I contacted him and he gave me a no nonsense bottom line quote. For cross reference I worked with another dealer and it was like pulling teeth to get to where Dave was right from the get.

You want a BMW? He is the most painless way to get one. He’s your guy. Thanks Dave for the good work and how you go about it.


I am BEYOND happy with my new 530e. Dave is, BY FAR, the best person I’ve ever dealt with and I will be loyal to him moving forward. He is not your typical “car salesman” and is very upfront and will go after what you’re looking for. Being in sales myself, it is always difficult for me to purchase a vehicle as I can NOT stand being sold. He won’t do that. Do yourself a favor, and go to Dave.


Just had my first interaction with Dave to get a quote for a 3 Series Gran Turismo. He responded to my inquiry within 10 minutes. Couldn’t be more impressed with his professionalism.


Dave is the man! I leased two cars from him within one month of each other (and helped me friend lease another from him) and the process couldn’t be easier. The drive from Los Angeles was well worth it each time - he made sure things were ready to go and always took great care of us. He’s upfront, transparent, and doesn’t try to feed you any sort of BS. Can’t recommend going to Dave enough if you’re in the market for a BMW!


Got a car from Dave a few weeks ago (ex loaner X1) and it was a seamless transaction - he was a straight-shooter, no BS, friendly, and efficient. I shopped around with various socal BMW internet salespeople and Dave was the only one who seemed to not be shady and less than forthright. Would highly recommend working with him for your next BMW. Thanks Dave!


Just leased a 2018 M3 from Dave, great guy with no BS. Highly recommend working with him and making the drive if you are a distance away. Dave is extremely patient and fought to get the deal and terms that I wanted.

The deal I made with Dave did not even come close to what the other dealers were offering me on the same vehicle. Once at the dealership we received excellent customer service and the entire process was smooth from start to finish!


Would love to see the deal


Would also love to see the numbers on this!


I have tried to get a hold of Dave several times for the past many many months to do deals but never an email answered. Should i take it personal Dave lol… Please check your email from Your Auto Advocate.


Not that this is necessarily the answer, but some dealers and sales folks choose not to work with brokers…


And some brokers choose not to work with certain dealers/clients!:rofl:


im guessing dave is busy cuz I’ve emailed him twice and never received a reply and i’m not even a broker.


Don’t take it personal at all and @M5DMD you are correct. I have no problem working with brokers but have been very busy and since I was off last weekend I have not had time to get back to many requests. As of right now I have 36 unread emails (I intentionally leave them unread so that I know who is still waiting for a response) and I will do my best to get back to all of you today. But please know that I’m with 2-3 appointments per day (at 1.5-3 hours each depending on the customer) and I’m still an Internet Advisor which means I have leads coming in from over a dozen lead sources (Autotrader, CarGurus, KBB, TrueCar, Edmunds, CarFax, Cars.com our own website, etc etc) plus the incoming phone calls to answer. It’s definitely a good problem to have but I want all of you to know that I also live with constant anxiety thinking about the folks that I have NOT gotten back to yet. Pending requests are ALWAYS on my mind.

My customers are my family and you will all hear back from me. I apologzie about the delay. Hopefully I will be able to put in some processes soon that will help me get back to everyone in a more timely manner.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT check PM’s very often and I reply to them even less. My email address is all over these forums so please do not wait on an answer via PM. Email is always best even though it may take a day or two. If you need to do something right away, just put that in the Subject Line like “Today Deal” for example.

Thanks again!

Dave Townsend

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Although the numbers simply weren’t what I was looking for with my budget, Dave was very helpful in answering all of my questions and friendly to talk to. He was very straight forward and knowledgeable!


Dave I need a new BMW sales rep as the ones up here just don’t seem to understand that the game has changed and old school sales techniques don’t work anymore.

I would fly down to visit you now but still stuck with another 19 months on my C300 lease. Did not realize how much I would miss BMW