Dash Cam Recommendations

Hey all, do any of you have any recommendations for a reliable dash cam that is great during the night and is car lease friendly (not require a big wiring job) ?

This is not really a dash cam, but I use it as such. Very small, but does not have display. Make sure you get US version. I like the idea of not having cables and also use it outside and underwater. It runs for about 45 minutes on one charge and you can just get a few extra batteries.

This is the best dash camera I’ve used because it doesn’t melt/fail in high heat environments such as California and Arizona when left on the window/dash.

Thanks guys for the recommendation. After much research I actually ended up buying both. I am using the Street Guardian as the front dash cam and then using the YI 88001 as my rear cam. I am still trying to figure out the best way to wire everything up.

There are dashcams that record front and back. Since it hasn’t been long, you probably still have an option to return what you bought if you prefer to have a single device and a single power supply.

Blackvue Dr-650gw is great. Includes front and rear. Works in all temp. Well integrated package. Good useful software

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I can recommend dash camera from YI, I think they have the highest resolution so far. I have it myself.

You joined the forum just to post this? I’m sure it’s a very objective and unbiased review.


@Max_g the enforcer I see

Yea don’t get the Yi if you live in sunny places. The image gets blurry when the camera gets hot, making the cam pointless for reading license plates.

If you look at most dash cam review sites and Reddit dashcam, you’ll see that most of them recommend the A119. Check it out. I recently bought one and it’s working really well.

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Good to know. I settled on getting the Street Guardian which seems to work great so far especially sunny/high heat/high humidity. Next thing I am working on is hardwiring it in my BMW.


Just curious how many of you lease hackers have a dash cam in the car? I got a dash cam from my bro 2 years ago and never installed it. Was looking at the instructions to mount it to the windshield but was wondering am I ever going to need this?

What’s your thought on the dash cam? Yay or nay??

Just bought a $40 cam from amazon. Still need to figure out how I’m gonna install the thing.

Taking no risks after being hit twice in 3 years and dealing w other parties lying about fault. Not to mention all the other casual ways people will smack your car and take off.

Everyone should have one.

I posted recently about my incident where the dash cam came in very handy. I would recommend definitely to install it. Super easy unless you want to hide the cable. Last time geek squad at best buy hide the cable for like $60.


Didn’t know geek squad had that service at Best Buy. Did they have to drill anywhere in the car?

I think hiding the cables is a plus. I know when the sun is hot, the dash cam usually falls off the windshield too.

I have a Viofo A119S with the polarized lens filter on it. It’s excellent at night! Have used it for many dumb drivers but thankfully no accidents to prove were not MY fault. I did catch one person in a sideswipe hit and run and turned them in!

No drilling involved. Actually very easy to hide if you know how to take off the pillar covers.

Ok I just mounted it. Seems simple enough. I wonder if some of the footages can be used against yourself. :rofl: :v:

How did you mount it? Doesn’t the cord still need to attach to a power source?

Have mine still sitting in a bag lol…