Damaged bumper on my lease I want to buy out. Would I need to repair to sell?

if you currently have a clean carfax, by going through insurance, you no longer will, and you’d hurt yourself more by fixing the thing.


$2100 sounds absurd to remove that bumper and replace it with a new one.

Then by all means do that, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Get the lease end inspection done and see what Acura would charge you if you just turned it in as-is.

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I think that is what they referred to.
But it was just a “we don’t know until we get the bumper off and see” not that it was damaged for sure. Also it’s not just the bumper it is the housing of the fog lamp above that is cracked and has to be repaired and replaced. Fender, paint etc.

I’m too honest. I’d rather own up and pay for what was my fault.

I could be missing it, but I’m not seeing any metal repair listed.
Just throwing this out there, but my wife did something very similar to her XC90 many years ago. I found the parts online and did the work myself for less than a grand.

Its 3933 total. See the repair cost estimate… Parts are 1485. The rest is labor, paint and misc, plus tax!

My hubby would not even attempt lol. Maybe I should do it!

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Go for it! Isn’t there some show with women fixing cars? Chicks Fix Nicks…if not, there should be!

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You mean hurt myself more by fixing through insurance, correct?

the amount you’d save by fixing through insurance is negligible to the value hit that your mdx will take w a dirty carfax. typically a bad fax is about a $2-3k adjustment downward.

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I might be in the minority here, but would just keep it as is… tbh, I have a hard time believing resale would take a $4k hit on that (dealerships have preferred rates/in house shops to do work cheaper for them). This is more or less be considered normal for cars driven/parked in major cities.

There are a few back there

This may sound dumb, but … Have a shop buff or cosmetically reduce the look of the damage. Some primping can be done and it may not look as bad. You would be surprised what a strong compounding with a buffer can accomplish. Not the stuff you buy at O’Reilly’s. Little investment, maybe worth a shot.

Unless OP will sell it before it show up on carfax. Usually 30 days after the claim will be reported/filed

I have to keep the car for a few more months so that wouldnt work. Thanks