CX-9 2020 GT - is this good?

Hi folks,
I’m planning to upgrade from a 2017 CX-5 GT to a 2020 CX-9 GT FWD.

Basically the dealer offered to get my car back paying the remaining balance and offering 0 drive-off, no money out of pocket.

What you guys think? Please advise, this is the best deal I could find, after investigating to sell to Vroom and Carvana and talking to multiple dealers.

MSRP: 42,495
Monthly Payment: $430 with tax
Drive-Off Amount: 0 $
Months: 36
MF: 00003 MF
Residual: 58%
Tax: 9.5%
Trade-in: 1,000
Annual Mileage: 10k
Region: Socal

Need selling price, MF and RV etc

Plus your tax rate

$425 before or after tax rate of ?

No way to know if it’s a good deal without knowing how much of a hit you’re taking on the cx5.

Why are you paying a $25 month premium for maintenance for a car that probably will need max 3-4 oil changes?

I’m at 15k on my CX-9 and I’ve spent $60 on oil and filters. Tires will easily survive even with driving it hard and brakes should not be an issue and won’t cost you $800.

This is including taxes

@Cyberdemon, can I do that anywhere?
The cost at the dealerships is about 250 bucks

My guess is you’re getting around 10% discount, which isn’t terrible.

It’s impossible to even guess at the discount without knowing what kind of positive or negative equity they’re rolling in from the cx5

You can do maintenance anywhere - they legally can’t force you to do maintenance at a specific place (just like how the manufacturer Can’t void your warranty for doing service elsewhere). Just keep your receipts in case there’s a dispute about if you maintained the car or not

About equity:
The buyout quote from the Bank was 19600
The best offer I got was from Carvana was 20800

So you’re at about $460 /month then. This isn’t a good price.

You can take the car to Jiffy lube or any local gas station. The Castrol brand synthetic the car uses is cheap and usually I get it on sale for sub $20 for 5 quarts. But even at a Jiffy lube with synthetic it should be under $100.

Based on your comment - you just said you have at least $1200 in equity in the car. So this looks like a bad deal if you’re adding at least $33/mo. The dealer should have to disclose the trade in value they are giving you on the car but that doesn’t mean they aren’t making money off you. They can probably move a CX5 pretty easily.

My CX-9 GT AWD which included the more expensive paint and remote start ($44k/MSRP) was at $465 with only first month and DMV DAS and that by comparison to deals I see here was NOT a good deal, I think I negotiated about 6% off all in. In hindsight I should’ve paid the bank fee up front but I just had a baby and hemorrhaging cash was an issue.

That’s why I’m valuing it at $0

Which we have now learned isn’t the right amount.

You have at least $1,200 equity. Maybe more.

More numbers 0.00019 MF and 58% residual

They aren’t paying the remaining balance. They’re keeping your positive equity.

It’s not $0 down. It’s $1200 in trade in equity down

If they are taking the trade they need to disclose the amount they are giving you on it. You should see that number before you decide. Ask the dealer to show you the full lease terms not just the monthly.