Customer-Friendly SoCal Honda Dealership Suggestions Needed

Absolutely not! How dare you sir! I just believe in things like socialized medicine, universal income, free education…oh wait. Damn.


Lol…but on the other comment about marking up just for profiteering; many years back when the Altima had a re-designed model and they had the “nasa” seats in 'em, I went to a local dealership to get numbers for a family member, and right there on the sticker it said “dealer mark-up $5,000.00” . Yes, insane, and there was a note next to it that it was not set by the manufacturer, but by dealer.

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It was the Altima Type R. “R” as in “Rental car”.

Yes, absolutely.

You guys are gonna be a lot of fun!


I would advise you to take a look at this thread here SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

Cody started in the beginning of the year ~ he’s the perfect role model ~ the whole forum basically only buys from Cody in Tustin for Toyotas now.

Do what he does and I’m certain you’ll gain customers looking for Hondas. Also read all reviews from forum users who bought a car from him. SoCal Toyota Dealer - Cody Carter - Tustin Toyota


Thanks but did you know that for the same price we could all get a BMW or Infiniti?


Sure we could. I have an Infiniti. That doesn’t work for everyone, if it did Infiniti would be the best selling luxury brand in the country. We all know that is not the case. Maybe on LH :rofl: but not on the road

That’s the same crap I would say comparing sports car leases.

You have to compare apples to apples.

If brand is what you’re shooting for then sure.

Toyota has not only all the bells and whistles but it has the coverage and long term practicality.

You and I both know this.

Best also not try and test a more experienced hackr especially when they’re trying to help you.

I still think you should get a BMW or Infiniti. Hondas don’t lease well.

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Have you been working at Glendale Honda long or just when New Century took over?

All new management/directors for sales within the last few months. I believe New Century stepped in around May. I am going to do a spreadsheet early next week and give it a try.

Edit: The owners are great and allow a lot of freedom with us making deals for customers. Sales have been up the last few months. Energy is up, sales are up, and everyone has been a lot happier.

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What’s with all these recent changes? Robertson is now Ocean Honda.

I have worked for Mr. Cappo’s Ocean Hondas before. While they have dealerships with many different manufacturers they LOVE Honda dealerships. One of the nice things about being with Ocean is having access to all the other dealerships’ inventories to get customers what they want.

Looked to me like he was making a joke.

But I guess a “more experienced hacker” like yourself missed that running joke.


Perhaps it’s advanced double sarcasm? :crazy_face:

Perhaps I did, if so I apologize for that @HondaSoCal

The forum nowadays have become somewhat like a Vietnam war. Can’t tell who’s who or whats a joke. At least on my part. My bad.

It’s definitely hard to tell through text. I agree, sometimes people are not the best on here but I hope that changes because I love this forum.

No apologies needed. I am an instigator :grinning:

Haha. Pleasure to have you!