Customer Appreciation Thread

Hi, I’m Andy.

In light of some more serious threads, I wanted to induce some more positive energy, and prompt the celebration of Positive & Memorable interactions between Customers, Dealers, and Brokers.

Now, we already have a “Seller Reviews” section, so to avoid clutter, I want to dedicate this thread to Customer Reviews! That is: Stories from Dealers and Brokers about incredible customers, memorable transactions, and great people that keep the Sellers going.

Sellers: Please, only tag your Customers with their permission. Let’s avoid PII in this thread, or limit to first names at your discretion. This thread is meant for uplifting and positive interactions only.

I’ll kick it off with three of my favorites:

I would like to thank Prakash, one of my first customers. Although Prakash did not score the lowest price on the Ioniq EV, he trusted me enough to take a chance on my services, and was kind enough to refer me to his friends. When prices got lower, he was tired of his friends gloating that they got a cheaper price from me. When the price hit $92/month and program expiry was looming, Prakash independently garnered interest from his friends and family, and booked a 54-passenger Coach bus from his home area to my partner dealership. The bus was only filled to 30 seats, but it still depleted three truckloads of Ioniqs. It was an exciting moment for all involved!

I have a customer who would choose to remain anonymous, that has personally provided multiple referrals to me in his own community, and also spearheaded the initiative to install a DC Fast-Charging station in his home Zip Code. The existence of affordable fast-charging in that Zip code, in turn, has served as a strong incentive for future customers to lease their EV from me.
A high school friend that I had not spoken to since high school reached out to me for my Ioniq deal. We both had moved on to new phone numbers and had no idea we were talking to old friends. He independently vetted my deal, and we only got to reunite after paperwork was signed. It was a great moment to reconnect, under such strange circumstances. It was also a moment of validation that someone I trusted would blindly trust me because of my content and fair sales practices.

Read the room, my dude. Brokers are actively undermining on each other in their threads. We’re headed to “Lord of Flies” here, not campfire kumbaya. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

The busload anecdote is good, however.


A++ reference :rofl:


I had a custimer reach out he said he wanted a car, i sold him a car and he wuz hapy


But did you appreciate them? That’s the fundamental question here.

Ohhhh…Not at all i didnt like their car choice

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Well, I hope they enjoy their Altima regardless.


I had a customer ask me for my best deal. I sent it to him. He created an account here, posted it, and asked if it was a good deal. I responded in the thread asking when he wanted to get the car or something like that.

He lied on the post about qualifying for something he didn’t qualify for. He came into the store and lied again about qualifying for a program and was told no. After getting exhausted lying to everyone he eventually left with the initial best deal I offered him.


Was there any wiggle room?


Probably only $200 off MSRP.

I’ll show you wiggle room!

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Not after I added super-tint that doubles as vin-etching.


You charge people for a full tank of gas?

This guy did: Lease in progress. Audi q5 premium plus

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Charge you for gas? Why? I provide enough gas to get to the gas station.

Edit: Sorry I hi-jacked. Feel free to delete my non-sense. I know there are plenty of good customers. That’s why I prefer this digital space and don’t spend time on the reddit askcarsales.


I appreciate these threads and I know exactly where they are going to end up

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Sir, I believe you’re looking for the customer appreciation thread appreciation thread.


A true man of the people


Huh? Wrong thread, I guess.

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For a person, that doesn’t spend time on the reddit askcarsales section, you do know their lingo “I’ll show you wiggle room”!

FYI missing the redditbot image that goes with that saying lol!