Custom build 2019 X3 lease - less discount?

Hi All,

My current 2016 X3 lease will end in 4 months. I try to custom build a 2019 X3 with convenience package, drive assistant plus and navigation, white color (49k MSRP, 36/10k lease). The quote from my previous dealer is 1.17%/month, much higher than my previous lease (1% per month including tax, even without loyalty at that time, 47k car). Has anybody have experience doing custom build lease? Does it mean much less discount than in-store cars? I am also fine with loaner cars but it is hard to find the car I need in California.

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In general, special orders are going to get less discount than a car sitting on the lot for 6-12 months…yes.

Thanks. When I search inventory on Edmund, I find there is information on how long the car has been listed. It seems the longer it is there, the dealer is more likely to give better discount?

Again, in general, the longer it’s on the lot, the more motivated they will be to move it

I’m at 1.18% on a custom build X3m40i with all taxes and fee’s along with 2 months of my old lease being rolled into it

When counting 2 months payment (~1000), it is not bad.

This is good confirmation, thank you! The X3 I want isn’t available with the packages i want so ordering is the way to go. Dealer is offering a little under 9.5% off MSRP, base MF (with max msd) and paying 1-2 lease payments left on my current car depending on when car arrives. I usually try to stick with what’s on the lot.

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That’s a fair discount on a popular car being ordered. 11% they’re all in. Anything beyond 11%, it’s a loser to them (not counting hitting a target bonus)

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