Current VW GTI Residuals (24/36 month terms)

Good afternoon all,

I’ve been kicking over a new vehicle for a little while, and am now looking at 24 month terms as well as the 36 month option. It seems that for vehicles with deep discounts off MSRP, 24 month may make a lot of sense. I was hoping to dig up some of the residuals on the GTI.

As far as I know, MF is .00125 across the board.

24/10 Residual: ?
24/12 Residual: ?

36/10 Residual: 60%
36/12 Residual: 59%

Just confirming, the residuals are the same with/without the performance package correct? Thanks!!

  • Justin

Please let me know what kind of discounts, deals and anything positive you find out…

2016 Volkswagen GTI

24/10K: 67%
24/12K: 66%

Residuals are the same with/without Performance Package.