Current MB incentives?

Can anyone update/confirmation rm current MB incentives, especially on E class sedans? I realize there is always fleet/Corp available, but what else? Edmunds says there is $1000 dealer lease cash on E300 sedans. What about conquest or loyalty? Are these all combinable? Thanks so much for any info you can provide.

Bumping. Any help would be appreciated (need a BMW Dave for MB! :slightly_smiling_face:)

let me try one more time. Does anyone know current loyalty and dealer cash on MB C and E class vehicles? Would really appreciate any insight. Thanks!

Check the Edmunds forums. The mods there often have info on mb incentives.

In addition, try Carjojo and autobytel.

Also try to qualify for Fleet (or Penfed which apparently is the same)

Thanks guys. I have fleet (and the August list by model), and I also qualify for loyalty, but I don’t know what $ that is. Edmunds does give dealer cash and I’ve got that for the E300 sedan but not the C43 sedan. Hopefully others can chime in if they know. Thanks again!

@Jeffkad - As far as i know there is no loyalty on Mercedes and here is the penfed fleet for August. C43 falls under C Class so you get $1750 on top of the dealer incentive if they are desperate or they will ask you to choose one of the incentives.

If you are a united airlines premier member you can stack the incentive on top of any other incentives.