Current 2016 Aug X5 lease rate?

Talk to Greg Poland at Pacific BMW in SoCal - great guy and deals.

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Great post @XPRESS, thanks!

I also had a 2013 Volt that I loved =)

We loved the Volt too but with two small kiddos it was a getting a bit small for us. Once we can justify a third car for solely commuting purposes I’ll probably look to one of those again. So far we love the BMW, have had it for less than a week. The round trip commute for us is ~12 miles so the electric range is ok for us as well. We were honestly in shock we could get a $77,000 car for what we are paying.

Agreed - I loved both my Volts. My new driving teenager just got my Volt for the next 6 months - until the lease expires.

The deals on the X5 40e are hard to pass up. Just got mine on Monday. Still getting used to the size compared to the Volt. My commute is 20 miles each way with charging at work.

Looking pretty good today - 65-75 mph and 90% freeway.

Thanks for sharing, folks! With these deals, the xDrive40e looks super compelling. Always had a soft spot for X5 but couldn’t live with that fuel consumption. Looks like that’s been addressed with the plug-in hybrid.

I recently test drive 40e, but it feels like they have automatic brake system just like i3? which i don’t like, i mean this is the reason why i got volt instead of i3. do you feel the auto brake when you are not stepping on the gas pedal?

I feel the regen, yes. I don’t notice a huge difference between it an my two Volts.

is there anyway you can stop itt? maybe driving without electric mode?

@XPRESS how’s the range and your MPGs been?

Also noticed your drive off was $6395 with $4550 being MSD.

Was the $1845 tax/title/lisc stuff? Any reason to NOT roll that into the payment and have $0 drive off and just MSD?

Thanks again for all the great info!

With the 7 MSDs what is the money factor bought down to?

Just wanted see whats everyone thought about my current lease deal.

X5 MSRP 62,645.00
Discount 7,245.00
Net Price 55,400.00
Rebates: 1,000 (loyalty), 2,000 (from BMW this Aug) and 1,000 (corp fleet)

Fees: $2,215 (total in fees listed below)
Doc Fee = $699
Lemon Law = $2.00
Privacy Tag Aged = $98
State Rental = $60
Acq Fee = $925
Battery Fee = $1.5
Tire Fee = $5
Reg Fee = 425

36 months
MF = 0.00117 (including corp reduction of .0002)
Residual = 59%

$646 at signing and $646 a month including tax

Was wondering what you guys thought about above deal. Not to crazy about all these fees. Anyone have any idea what the normal lease fees are? Thanks

Looks like an absurd discount! Great job. Buy down that rate!

200 miles driven - mainly on electric. 60mpg average. Just filled the tank using the coupon the dealer gave me. ‘Combined range’ should show 534 miles.

First month, DMV, fees, tax on cap reduction. I ended up adding another $230 to drive off to get payment below $600 and thereby lowering my MSD total to $4200.

See above - 0.00068 (1.63%) after MSD’s and Corp discount.

Agreed! - Buy down that rate with MSD’s and your payment should be below ~$600.

Thank you so much.

How do you get a Corporate discount? If you are self employed, is there any way to get it?

Thank you

Don’t think so. Corporate thing.

You can be part of national organizations like the American Medical Association.