CT to other states lease transfer

I have listed my 2018 C300 in private lease transfer section. Someone from NY were interested and reached out to me, but backed out saying it’s not financially worth it as NY taxes are much higher.

I was under the impression that i am paying $380 plus CT taxes (6.35%) which would be $25 per month with a total $405 per month. and someone from NY would pay $380 plus NY taxes (approx 8.6%) which would be $32 per month. Am I wrong??

Anyone who did a CT to NY lease transfer, please suggest. Thank you in advance.

NY taxes are due upfront, so I think it would be $380 x 8.6% x months remaining all due at registration. Maybe the person doesn’t want to pay that upfront?

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Ah! Makes sense then. I thought they can roll it over in the payments for lease transfer. Thank you!!!