Cruze Limited lease details

Hi Michael.

I see the new Cruze limited lease cash is now $3455 and the Volt loyalty continues for another month.

Do you know if there are any other incentives like the incremental bonus customer cash or the bonus tag they had last month?


No incremental bonus cash that I see.

Still, Volt owners should be able to get one for $39/month and $800 total drive-off assuming CA taxes and fees.

.00040 MF
62% residual, 24 mos, 10K/year

Thanks Michael. I didn’t think so. I am looking to get my third Cruze and yes I am a Volt owner.

Would you agree that it is worth pre-paying the lease in a case like this?

I know everyone indicates you should never pre-pay a lease due to the risks if something happens to the car. However, here we are talking about such a small amount and it would knock another couple of hundred bucks off the total cost I believe (waive acq. fee raises the MF and then prepaying lowers it again).

What do you think?

I would agree. Pre-paying saves about $480 over the course of two years. Considering the most you stand to lose is about $1,300 (total cost of one-payment lease), I’d say the risk is worth it.

Now the question is whether GM Financial allows both single-pay lease and acquisition fee waiver. Did you try it?


Hi Michael.

I intend to try it. A GM financial calculator I found online seems to allow it but puts the final MF at 0.00056 instead of 0.00022 (0.0004+0.00055-0.00073) I would have thought.

Regardless, it is still worth it. Had I done this on my last deal when incentives were a little better and Costco money was still in play I would have ended with a negative total cost. Clearly, prepaying would have carried zero risk in that case and would have been the better way to go. Live and learn I guess. Still a great deal.

I’ll let you know what I find.

Thanks for this site and all your help.

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Can the deal work on an LS? Everything I see is about LT models but what prevents us from using the incentives on LS - unless their not allowed?

I just leased an LS today. First two were LT. LS works but I think the residual is a little less so your mileage may vary.

Michael, I attempted to prepay the lease and it is allowed along with waiving the acquisition fee. However, they wouldn’t do it because plugging in their numbers that way resulted in a negative payment in this particular case (since taxes, etc aren’t accounted for in the calculator). I didn’t want to argue with them since they’ve been very helpful and reasonable on the other leases.

Ended up with nothing out of pocket and 23 payments of $50 (first payment is waived). Total of payments barely cover taxes, title and doc fee total.

Thanks once again.

Hi Dewey, can you share more details about your deal (region, breakdown (msrp, residual, mf, sale price, incentives, etc.)? I’m trying to work my first deal and could really use the input. Many thanks,

Second that, if you can share more details maybe some can try to replicate. Here in S FL I have gotten only more than $200 as a payment so nothing ever close to any of the deals posted here etc.

yep, i’m wondering if we are approaching it wrong…if we should be negotiating the sales price first and haggle over the residual, etc.

OK guys here is a little more info than I should probably share but what the heck:

Firstly, I am in Central, NJ. Secondly, I think having a Volt is what really helps.

1st deal:
Cruze LT
MSRP: $21,020
Sale price: $19,217
$5275 incentives ($2775 CCR, $1500 Competitive Lease {didn’t use Volt}, $1000 CCR or Bonus tag I think)
$595 Acq fee (didn’t know I should waive it for increase in MF)
MF: .0004
Bumped mileage up to 15k/yr
Doc fee 299
Taxes 528 (due up front in NJ)
Title 433
Everything rolled in, no money down, resulted in 23 payments of $135/mth. First payment waived. $700 Costco card received in the mail. (free 32 inch LED TV to boot)

2nd deal:
Cruze LT
MSRP: $21,020
Sale price: $18,897
$6275 incentives ($2775 CCR, $2500 Volt Loyalty, $1000 CCR or Bonus tag I think) Waived Acq fee
MF: .00095
Bumped mileage up to 15k/yr
Doc fee 299
Taxes 487 (due up front in NJ)
Title 433
Everything rolled in, no money down, resulted in 23 payments of $67/mth. First payment waived. $700 Costco card received in the mail. (free 24 inch LED TV to boot)

3rd deal: Post Jan 4th. Different incentives and no more Costco money available
Cruze LS (only because there were no LTs with bonus money available)
MSRP: $19,845
Sale price: $18,500 (I could have pushed for better here)
$6955 incentives ($3455 lease cash, $2500 Volt Loyalty, $1000 CCR or Bonus tag I think) Waived Acq fee
MF: .00095
Mileage 10k/yr
Doc fee 299
Taxes 520 (due up front in NJ)
Title 433
Everything rolled in, no money down, resulted in 23 payments of $50/mth. First payment waived. No Costco money however and no TV either! Wtf?

Good luck

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Man, those are awesome! Thanks for posting. I’m trying to work a deal in VA right now. Any advice on how you negotiate? Do you ask for the cash price first? Thx.

I walked in and showed them Michael’s post from the main page and asked can you do this???

They basically matched his numbers exactly (selling price and incentives). Obviously every State is a little different with fees, taxes etc… I think I was very fortunate with the dealership in that regard however. Others have obviously had a hard time.

hi all, is there a listing by region of the lease cash available for these cars? i only see listings of the purchase cash rebates available. thanks,

Thanks Dewey_Lima. I’m in Central Jersey also. Excellent work, I never like going into dealerships around here b/c so often you get the runaround. Do you mind sharing which dealership? I’d actually love to get Deal #1 or somthing very similar since I don’t have a Volt.

Also - how do you like the cars? Are there any options that stand out as necessary?

Thanks so much, have a great weekend!

hey, good question macgee. i was thinking of heading to nj myself (from va) to do this deal.

Princeton Chevrolet in Lawrenceville. Cars are great especially when you consider the cost. I would have liked to have added the entertainment pack option (mylink) for about $600 more but they weren’t the bonus tagged cars when I was there.

Awesome, thanks! I’m still trying to work something locally but might go up there

I’d obviously try via phone or email before making the trip. They’ve delivered everything they’ve promised for me without games or switches so If you can work it out beforehand, you should be good. Good luck.

Cool, thanks. Do you think it helped that you were there in person?