Cruze Limited incentives in WA

I see the zero down $174 a month deal on Chevy’s web site, but I do not see the lease cash listed. Am I missing something? Looking to get out of a Prius 2 lease so I do not have to pay the disposition fee and more importantly I hate driving the thing. LOL

What are the current incentives for the 16 Cruze Limited?

Looking to get a 24 month lease with 12 or 15k miles.


The lease cash is included in that advertised payment. They use an average sale price to calculate that $179/month. You could do better or worse based on how much the dealer is willing to discount. There are other incentives as well, such as GM Card points, and various other private offers. That payment includes being an existing GM leaseholder. I do not know the exact offers and amounts for GM loyalty or competitive conquest cash.

Best bet is to find a dealer willing to show you all the possible incentives and break out the sale price and other lease amounts individually so you can calculate the payment yourself and make sure it matches their offer.

Also remember their advertised price does not include any taxes or fees.

2016 Cruze Limited 1LT in WA:

24 month residual: 61% for 12K, 60% for 15K
.00040 MF
$3,455 GM Financial lease cash (all)
$500 Incremental bonus cash (regional)
$2,500 Volt Loyalty OR $1,500 forr non-GM lessee OR $1,000 non-GM owner (targeted)

There may also be $1,000 Bonus Tag cash on select VINs. Check inventory on dealer websites.


Thank you Michael, I will let everyone know if I get the deal done.

Hi Michael,

So the

$3,455 GM Financial lease cash (all)
$1,500 for non-GM lessee (does this really have to be a lease or can it be financing, what docs do they need?. I see only $1,000 on the chevy site)

seem to be applicable national? I found a dealer on Truecar in my area that lists the LT for 17,843 (18,991 for the 2016) + 699 doc fee.

The regular $179 per month Chevy Cruze offer on the website states $500 due at signing, I could still get the Tiguan deal for $189 / month (did not have any in stock for the $169 (or so they say , was the last day), which works out more but to be honest the Cruze would just have to come in way lower than that for me.

MF, residuals are not regional for chevy right?


I was browsing the chevy site and got the private offer.

is that additional to all other offers, or it replaces?

I am looking at Equinox and Chruze.


MFs and residuals are not regional. Same with the $3,455 lease cash and $1,500 conquest cash.

There are two conquest offers. The $1,500 incentive is for non-GM lessees. The $1,000 incentive is for non-GM owners or lessees.

GM Financial only has supported lease programs on the 2016 Cruze.

Thanks, very helpful so it is not an issue of no incentives being available but rather the dealer. Will contact a few more then until I find one that is willing to work on this basis with me.

Let me know if you have any luck of have found a good dealership to deal with. I’m in Seattle and am looking for a similar lease. If you’re in the area, maybe a dealer is willing to strike a deal if they are doing two leases.