Crossbrand Loyalty

Currently I am leasing a 2017 leaf via NMCA. When I negotiate a QX60 leasing, I am told that I cannot get loyalty bonus because I am not in the crossbrand loyalty list. Does this sound right?

Appreciate your answer, thanks!

At least for Infiniti as the lease was coming to a close they would send loyalty offers, all the offers mentioned getting another Infiniti. So it is possibly correct.

I’ve helped a few hackrs resolve this issue. It involves contacting Infiniti, it doesn’t work if you have VPP. Best of luck, feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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i was able to use infiniti loyalty on my last lease when i moved from a murano to qx60 (was in early 2016, may have changed since then).

Thanks for the very helpful replies!

I once thought the loyalty is only relevant to brand, but it appears to be related to model too.

BiggL@ I have VPP:(

Another dealer told me “the crossbrand loyalty pertains to every Infiniti vehicle except the 2019 QX50”. So I am confused.