Credit union for bmw?

Is there any credit unions that work with BMW on leasing?

You can only go through BMW Financial Services

@Yinzer ok thanks for the reply!

No prob I mean you can double check with the dealer to be sure but even if you can the RV would be to low.

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ask @RVguy … I think he knows a lot about credit unions

BMWFS supports the RVs on their entire lineup and buys the rates down. That gives them almost a total lock on their lease volume. They do this with a risk sharing agreem by between the sales and finance side.

@RVguy Thanks for the info. That sucks because getting a credit union rate would be real nice on a lease for a BMW. Oh well I guess I will stick with toyota.

If the RV is high I’d take that over a lower MF.

The only BMW model that isn’t supported as much by BMWFS is the M2 but it doesn’t make sense for a CU to try and sign a BMW dealer up with a success story on such a low volume vehicle.

@RVguy Ok I see. Thanks!

So Kendall toyota has no idea what I’m talking about. They said their fleet manager said they don’t do that with leasing only financing???