CPO Leasing Question

Hi everyone,
new user here but I’ve been scanning the forum for a month or so now. I am planning on getting rid of my Mini JCW in a couple months or so and I’ve heard that CPO leasing is a thing. I always thought however that most dealerships try to stay away from leasing pre-owned cars but is it true that Mercedes, BMW etc do engage in CPO leasing? Reason I am asking is because if I can get a car with only 10K miles or so on it for less on the monthly price then I am leaning more towards that than a new car.

I know that I could do a retired loaner car lease but I just wanted to try and get clarity on this topic first.

Thank you!

Yes to MB and BMW. I believe Lexus leases CPOs, as well. While you can find some awesome deals with some persistence and luck, CPO leases sometimes cost more than the new model depending on the incentives. Shoot for a loaner/demo with a few thousand miles.

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you can do CPO leasing but they are expensive. Try to do loaners and exec demos, those are still technically considered new

Thanks for your repy. Yeah I was looking at demos on Merc and BMW. How come CPO leases sometimes cost more? I would have figured that the used price tag would drop the monthly payments drastically.

My guess would be the residual on a used is lower than a newer car.

The residual drops and manufacturers offer incentives and rebates that only apply to new cars. It seems counterintuitive, but leasing is a different animal compared to buying, where used always = cheaper than new.