CPO leases a good idea?

Every once in a while I would see a relatively New vehicle with mileage on the high side (1-2 years old but with 30k-40k miles) but the vehicle is CPO and available to lease.

To me this is very enticing to me to know I have peace of mind with the CPO and the price is competitively better. But are there any reason for concerns about leasing a CPO vehicle? Are there any recommended things too look out for specific to leasing a CPO?

Thanks in advance!

Have you gotten any quotes? They are usually higher than leasing a brand new vehicle.


Where’s the quote?

Typically the MF is so bad that it makes zero sense to lease versus finance

I am currently working with them to get the numbers.
I think might just try and price out a 2019 and go back and negotiate the CPO vehicle. Then I can see if it’s actually a good deal or not.

This has been asked several times before. 99% of the time, it’s more expensive to lease used vs a comparative new model.

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Wasn’t there literally the exact same thread topic posted a day or two ago and had the same community response?

not as general, but yes…

Be careful. Most, if not all CPO warranties are simply not as good/comprehensive as the original manufacturers warranty, even if backed by the same manufacturer. In my mind, you do not want to lease anything that is even partially out of warranty.

Great example, on the previous generation Hyundai Genesis sedan (which is an excellent car and value by the way), the high end head unit for the 17 speaker stereo regularly failed which was a $3k fix. The CPO warranty did not cover this replacement, but the extended Hyundai warranty did. So, the last thing you would want is to get toward then end of your lease and have a $3k failure just before the car was due to be returned.

All great advice and resources. Looks like I’ll need to think over my options. Thanks