Could Someone Calculate Exec Demo for me? 428xi

I get a little confused when it comes to bmw exec demo prices. Could someone calc the payment for me on this one

2016 428i x drive
3000 miles
Original MSRP:55,030
Price: 44,981


What’s the RV and MF?

The residual value is easy to calculate, the info is right here:
click on “See more” on the right for the msrp and residaul.
In this case its 59% at 10k year, for 12k its 58% and 15k its 56%.

So 59% X $55,030 = $32,468

You have 3000 miles (i am assuming this is rounded) but the calculation is the same,

3000 - 500 = 2500 * $.25 per mile = $625

$32,468-$625 = $31,843 is the residual for the car with 3,000 miles.

I think the MF is .00135 (i might be off by .00001 but close enough)

So before the $995 bank fee, any dealer charges, or tax you are at $496 a month.

Awesome thank you!!!

With MSD, first and Reg/Doc due at signing (acq fee rolled in): it’s 450 ish plus tax

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Thank you!!!