Costco Volvo Rebate Program

So my dad and I have the same first and last name but live at different addresses. He has been a Costco member for years, while I’m more of a Sam’s Club guy. When I go to the Costco Volvo rebate form online, the only required fields are first name, last name, phone, email, and Costco membership number, after which they email you a Volvo rebate PIN number. Long story short, it will be very easy for me to get a valid pin with my name on it. What kind of communication happens between the dealer and Costco to validate the pin? Could I theoretically use this pin and get the rebate?


It’s only valid for people who were members prior to 4/30/2019

(Otherwise I’m happy to shell out the $60)

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Exactly. I went ahead and bought one today for potential future rebates, but I’m hoping that once I get the pin, all the dealer does is validate the name with Costco. If they also validate the address, I could change it online, but I don’t know if that would flag the system and deny the rebate.

It’s $60/yr

Literally no risk

No need to time anything for $5/month


First off…just google it.

This question has been asked 5x times I bet.

Secondly, if Costco offers deals like this, ever, there’s no risk in having a membership now for the next time something comes around.


Hell…no need to google it’s right on LH!

I read through the super large forum post and didnt see anything, but found something else that may point me in the right direction.

To your earlier point - I already got a membership, just not before 4/30 :confused:

Further down in that thread they talk more about how they called Costco and it wasn’t an issue later.

So I think if I change the address online through their account, it should be OK to go.

That’s what I did a year ago. Also got Sam’s Club and now “stuck” with both and used neither on Volvo lol


The statement that the address has to match is not correct.
A couple of days ago I leased an XC60 with the Costco rebate.
Initially the dealer said that it couldn’t give me the discount because the addresses didn’t match.
I called Costco and they told me there is no problem with the mismatch. Within minutes they called the dealer approving the deal.

Do you know if they validated your birthdate?

Membership includes two cards. I’m on one and I put my mother on the other.

So we split the annual membership fee, and every time I tell the story I get a free rhyme.

They did not.
Costco doesn’t have that information.
My card has my business address in NJ and I registered the car using my home address in NY.

Will the truecar certified dealer msrp discount stack with the costco rebate and other incentives?