Costco Membership

I live in Bentonville Arkansas and dont have Costco near me (home of Walmart). I have read multiple threads where Costco auto program has helped provide incentives during the leasing process With my lease renewal coming up in 4-5 months and I plan to use a broker (have negotiated many terrible leases) is it worth it? I know it’s only $60 bucks and its not going to break my wallet.

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Go through the forum and if this is something you like keep the membership, if its not worth $60 to you cancel. Only you can assign value to it.

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I think Costco will give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied. A shame you don’t have a Costco near you… It’s truly the best

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Agree. Or if you cancel, I’m sure they’ll prorate your membership. So if you don’t end up needing it, it shouldn’t cost you much, if anything.

Whether or not their auto program is any good, I have no idea.

i think if i remember correctly, they’ll refund you the entire membership if you’re not satisfied.

either way, spending $60 to get over 3k of value is a no-brainer

Agreed with all of you! Will go ahead and purchase the membership. :slight_smile: thanks!

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Agree. I look forward to walking the aisles at Costco alone w/o kids.