Costco Audi Program 💩

If you’re looking for a mediocre deal here you go, oh but not available in California :poop: And don’t ask about trunk money

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Miss those volvo deals.

It’s available in CA, but it’s 10% here, not 8%

10% in California, Also - 10% off plus incentives on an A6 with buy rate is a solid lease for no haggling.


I got to 11.6 with a dealer in Chicago, is there much more room there? That is before incentives.

If the dealer gives you buy rate, is that part of the program?

If you’re leasing it’s up to the dealer. But technically they can. It’s not apart of the program inclusions.

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I cover my head with a bag as I say this, but I enjoy the haggling.

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10% off and being able to apply the $1K incentive makes it an OK deal for people who don’t want to haggle. Unfortunately they dropped RV 3% this month on a Q5. With the incentive on a P you get 12% off overall and .00034 buy MF. Not awful but not amazing.

Again, 12% haggle free. I know our expectations are different on this site, but to a non-hackr that’s solid.


I do too… just not when I am on the receiving end :sweat_smile:

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Totally agree. Before I found this site I would have been all over this.

Maybe 10% plus haggle 5% off. What do you think guys?

Why stop there? Haggle 10% off also!

Can u pm me the dealer. Am in market too.