Corvette question

My question is alil different then what is normally asked. I have waited almost 10 months and currently have in my driveway a 2021 Chevrolet Corvette. Let me just say everything stated about the car is completely true. It’s a pleasure to drive and I have gotten atleast 10 compliments in 5 days of owner ship. Now to the fun:

Msrp was 72780.
Got the car for 71780 due to price protection.
Tax is 6191
Xpel entire front for 1750.

So total is 79721.

For fun I checked what if I sold it. So far my offer is:

Vroom 84000
Auto nation: I have to send them pics but they are offering anywhere from 82k to 95k based on the pics.

Am I crazy to consider this??? I love driving the car but I really don’t need it and part of me said I can get another one when the production comes back. I have a work car so the car just sits except on weekends but we have another family car. What would you all do? Leaning if I’m offered 90k to take it

Absolutely not…you are on LH keep in mind!

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You’d be foolish not to pull a 15k profit on your car.


I agree…its not as though this car wont ever be available again.

It probably just boils down to how much enjoyment you think youll get out of driving the car vs. the enjoyment obtained by having an extra $15k in your bank account.

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Sell it… it’s ok. You’ve made your mark and farts in it…

Sell the Corvette, buy a used Porsche 991.2 GTS for about the same price and be done with it. It’s just a Corvette.

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Take the money and run.

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I think we do need to confirm if actual farts have been drilled into the seats or not.

OP @Lax854 …please confirm.

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Nope. Car is 3 days old. 275 miles only on highway home

Not a single one on those 275 miles??? LOL

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No sir for 90000 I’ll let u have the honors :joy::joy::joy: haha but this is leasehacker so I’m sure someone will try to hack me down to unicorn level of 60000 lol

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You are clearly aware of the environment you are in here :slight_smile:

As for your original question…as others have stated, you are poised to quickly profit. If it was me, Id take the $ and run and come back when the market has calmed.

15k is easy money as I said via DM. I’m sure you could do better.


Take it to your Chevy dealers and see what they offer if you have any close by.

I’d take the money and run. I just sold my 4 month old Camaro LT1 to ALgo for $900 in profit and am ecstatic. Like you, I wasn’t driving it nearly enough to justify the expense

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Future MSRP will assuredly rise, with some predicting a $5k bump for MY22, plus it’ll still be some time for these to come down to MSRP. But that said, it is a series production car and eventually supply will come in line with demand. For a $15k profit, I’d flip it and since you’re not in a rush, hold off for now. Heck you could lease a Camaro in the meantime and see how things shake out on the C8 front in the next few years, haha.

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ALgo offered me 89,400. So that’s a 10k profit. Going to talk to wife about it tonight. Not going to lie I miss leasing a car and not worrying about the damn thing if a rock hits it

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You waited 10 months for this car and you love it. You tell us.

10k in profit?? For a Chevrolet? When I don’t NEED a car? I think I know my answer but I want you hackers to push me off the ledge lol

Can I sell car without registering it in ny?? I haven’t paid taxes yet Bc I have temp tag. If I can then I could avoid the 6k in taxes but not sure if this is legal?