Correct Calculations?



First time using Hacker calculator. I have provided information the dealer has sent me. The money factor .00260.
I’m still waiting to hear back if these numbers are through Toyota finance or a 3rd party bank. Would be much appreciated if someone could compare their calculations so I know I’m correct. Is this money rate considered high?

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You can check Edmunds forums


Ask the dealer for their lease worksheet and post it so we can analyze. They’ve provided very little info.


Depending on region the subvented MF is .00233

Or TFS Standard rate of .00285.

In SoCal It’s better to take the .00285 and use the purchase rebate of $1000


I’m located in Montana, However this dealership is located in Northern Utah. My credit score is 790-800. I just asked the dealer for a lease worksheet. With the current data I provided, is there something in particular I’m missing to compute the calculations?


He did mention that these numbers are through Toyota Finance. First time leasing so I’m hesitant on what to say.

–Update-- After asking for the lease worksheet, he stated the picture I uploaded was it and it had all the selling price payments broken down. Is there anything In particular that I should be asking for?


Running it on my end it looks good. The numbers all add up on my end. $1K under invoice. Not sure about the MF but if thats buy rate you won’t get better without MSD.


What is your calculations showing for monthly payments?


$2 higher than what they show but that could be that CA Plates are more or tax differences. Its close enough



Thank you for confirming. Being located in Montana, I’m assuming I would get a more competitive monthly payment since There is no sales tax in MT. Being my first lease, Should I ask the dealer if they work with other banks or credit unions? I’m not sure on how to go about asking for a different lender to achieve a better money rate. Are they obligated to use Toyota Financial or can I have them use what ever 3rd party bank I find that has the best rates?


Tax on lease is based on where you live not where you buy. Its Rare that dealers use anyone but TFS as TFS is very hard on us for using other banks. We use US Bank also and payments come out about $20-30 a month less.


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Yes, They are just calculating based on local tax


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I finally found a truck .

Could someone please verify my calculations? I have a 10am meeting tomorrow and I want to make sure it’s correct.

-MSRP is $37,758
-Sale Price is $34,686
-Money Factor .00239

  • $1,500 Down Payment
  • Residual Value 74%
  • No Sales tax in MT
    -Dealership fee $299

Roughly $311.00

I talked to the finance manger about MF and RV, but he kept just stating the regional offer on the Toyota Website, $300.00 per month with 3,299 down.