Corona Virus Expectations

I’m expecting car sales to slump this March as Covid-19 will spook people. Automakers will adjust in April / May / June with increased incentives to move inventory.

Agree? Disagree?

I’m hoping to get a deal in June.

Or there maybe a supply shock, inventories will dwindle, incentives will dry up and deals will be hard to find.


Impossible to tell. It can go either way

One thing is for sure 2-3 years of 401ks were wiped out in 3 days. A much needed correction but seems to be more fear based. This correction should have happened long ago and gradually as stocks are at rediculous P/E ratios. But that what happens when you print 10 trillion and hand it out to banksters. Just shows how fragile this bull market actually is.

As for car sales. When people need a new car they need a new car. Life isn’t going to stop. However they may decide to get something more conservative or even go preowned due to uncertainty.


Dealerships will offer a free mask and hazmat suit with every purchase. Sales will soar.

People will buy the coronavirus-free clearcoat. Profits will be stellar. You fools!


The dow Jones Industrial average is about the same as it was last August, not really 3 years and presumably most folks are not 100% equities.

@jon1 Will find out next week. Expect Feb car sales numbers to be weak.
Smarter brands will increase incentives in March to avoid inventory build up.
Others will be offering 3x incentives in May/June. IMHO

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I mean…I’m all for getting better deals, but this thread is just grim

People on here hoping for those “Corona Virus Sales Event!” :man_facepalming:


2 years. We’re at the same level as Jan 2018. And younger people are typically more aggressive and mostly in equities. Regardless the meteoric rise had nothing to do with valuation and everything to do with quantitative easing. Trump took credit for the rise and with his statements about the virus, he should also own up to the fall. That being said I’m not anti trump or a liberal. I’m just against all this political incompetence that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

This should instill confidence.


Free case of corona with your purchase when you buy from me next month!!!


Don’t be so sure.

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Next it will be Mary Barra has reportedly had the runs for a week. 10k off any GM is coming any day now :roll_eyes:

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Just think of all the wealth that’ll be unlocked for millennials as soon as the virus kills off all the old folk! Expensive German SUV’s for everyone!


More likely to be killed by the regular flu but that’s not exciting or generates ratings. Probably more likely to get a hacker deal too

I concur as many people do regardless of political affiliation.

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I’ve had SARS, bird flu and mad cow disease, and now I have to deal with this.

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I lost an Autobiography deal yesterday because my client lost his ASS in several sizable positions.

I got dengue flu when I lived in Costa Rica for a year. Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. From what I read corona is a walk in the park in comparison

That sounds truly awful.

Probably no comparison, but I was miserably sick for six weeks after a bad reaction to the typhoid vaccine before a planned trip to CR, which ended up getting canceled due to a friend’s notorious flakiness.

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Ahh totally unnecessary vaccine for there. Scare tactics. Their water is good in almost all areas and food is top notch. It’s not a cheap vacation destination and they’re inspected pretty rigorously. Maybe 25-30 years ago it was necessary