Considering a Tesla Model 3 finance option

Also note that the ratings says it applies to model 3s produced before may of 21.


Think about it from the point of view of a regular consumer. How many follow this? And out of those who follow, how many brainlessly believe everything that Musk says. Musk said radar is not necessary, then radar is not necessary.

He also said yokes are a good thing and there’s been a lot of pushback on that.

True, but that’s because he put it in the most expensive model. If he put that crap into model 3/Y the army of trolls would have paraded it like it’s the best thing ever.

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Oh, there’s still a troll army touting it as a gift from God, but there seems to be some amount of reality breaching the lines.

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Picked up our '21 Model Y Performance June 1st. We were planning on being a one car family.

My wife doesn’t share well. We ordered a '21 Model S LR (not Plaid) yesterday.

We didn’t finance.

Weird flex, but ok


I ordered an S also. Arrival in October.

So the yoke is only on the Plaid?

The yoke is only on the Model S, both Plaid and long range.

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I thought the lease contract didn’t allow buy outs? Or just thinking of transferring out?

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I think I might pull the trigger on this, I spoke to their rep yesterday and they said that my monthly payment after trade in for 72 mos finance would be $565, my trade in is worth $8052

Monthly including taxes in NY - $565
Sales taxes came out to - $3886
NY fees $198
Credit -$2000

I am hoping these cards do not lose much value within the next 3 years.

Let me know what you guys think about the above quote

Can’t believe it’s already been a month since we took delivery.

I was driving '20 Volvo V60CC

Seriously, every other car I’ve ever driven feels like an antique.


Love the model Y but its up there as far as monthly cost

Throwing mine up here. Insane torque on the m3p. Also can’t rave enough about how it handles as a daily driver.

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You do realize that you are taking an unrepairable car on a 72 month finance right? And please don’t give me the battery is covered, there is plenty of things to break, and no one to fix any of it. Since you are saying Y is too expensive for you, I’m going to assume that you cannot afford to piss random amount of money away, therefore hoping that these cars are going to not lose value in the next 3 years is a bit of a gamble, and if you get stuck driving it for longer, see my repairability comment.

unrepairable car?

Hyperbole, but the repair network isn’t as mature as established automakers. There are some horror stories, but it’s usually excessive delays.

I’d apply @njc ’s comment to any stretch financial purchase. A BMW may be fixable outside the warranty period, but doesn’t mean it’s affordable to someone stretching to make the payments in the first place.

Not so much of a hyperbole really. I can take any car to virtually any mechanic and get it going to some extent or other. Can you even buy Tesla parts yet or are you stuck with their repair network that can’t keep up with in warranty cars

I’m not aware of a large segment of Tesla owners whose cars are unusable due to inability to repair. Granted I haven’t explicitly looked, but it’s one of those things we’d all hear about through many sources if it was widely happening.